vendredi 28 janvier 2011



Since my days are more likely a perfect circle of chained random reactions that does not even exist, I have been searching in my mother's closets. Last time I did,I have found a Chanel handbag. 
And today,I have found these lovely shiny pair of shoes.It seems that it belongs to that kind of partying girl,who loves to attract all of her surroundings with her glittery heels only.

J.A(1): Can I ask you a stupid question?
S.A(1): you've just did...
J.A(1): No,I didn't! 
S.A(1): Get some dignity and admit it at least,jackass!
J.A(1): Are you always treating people the same? No wonder you're so fucking alone pretty much all the time,smartass! You hardly bare a pencil between your fingers!

===> Rule N°=1 : When nicknames get revealed,take your descent soul and get out from the first hole you see.

tales of boredom will continue...
photos are mine,so does the black letters...

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