lundi 27 août 2012

unbelievable but true

It's just so weird how things can change in a while...
Things you have never expected to happens...have genuinely happened.
As if you were following a certain curve, which is your own paradigm on life, and then a sudden twist take you away from that same curve, and land you, on a red rose's petal.

Obstacles have suddenly disappeared, bitter past and unsolved issues have come apart within a second...was I dreaming ?  The only thing that have been stopping me from moving forward with my whole life, have simply vanished. It wasn't magic though ! I needed a huge slap from reality to wake the hell up, and take control of my own feelings. And that slap was a deep look in The eyes, a small exchange of insignificant words and a realistic mind. It's all gone ! Feeling as a new born is incredible, especially when you quickly fall between someone else's arms. And, especially when that "someone else" is the one that owes you a lot, that cared about you and secretly cherished you despite all of the inconvenient circumstances and the ethical values that came across his way.

Now I feel like breathing again, like loving again and being a human being...again.
Take care !

samedi 25 août 2012


Blackmill's existence, itself, is a miracle ! God bless their Miracle (EP).

 Took some days off, had a lot of nightmares (and drinks), met a black cat, got a partial invisible tan and wore vampire eye-lenses. That's pretty much what I did...this summer.And oh, swam at midnight sharp.
A lot of things to tell, but I don't have enough energy right now, with a bloody runny noise and an incredible heat temperature.
So, I guess I'll talk to you guys soon !

dimanche 12 août 2012

losing you

Every time I decide to make a blog entry, I just stare long enough to the title/text section and say : What the hell am I doing ? Why would some people want to read some incoherent/irrelevant/ridiculous out-loud-thinking of some girl living in North Africa ?
 And, as I used to answer my own questions, am going to write down below the reason behind all of this.

Am not writing, shouting, screaming my heart-out (quite silently though), in these pages for no particular reason (except for my casual moaning about life and all the shit that comes with it, on a regular basis, and with a huge amount).
I just believe that my echoes are somewhere and somehow quite heard.They are not rejected by a sound-proof wall...they are spread, and read. And I hope that what you read (even though I don't really consider my blog entries as something worth reading), and while you're doing, coincidence would brought some similarities, like people seeing their reflections in my own mirror. Souls are meant to be joint together, eventually. You're born alone, dead all by yourself, but living in a very complicated web, where each nod is the fusion point that gathers you, and someone else.

Feeling odd makes me want to write about complete different subjects than the ones that are actually bugging me.Brief review of my sick life : am meant to live every bad moment, over and over again, but with quite different people (that you think they are different, and they 're gonna make you feel alive again, but on the contrary, they bury you alive).

Anyway, moving on to the main entry now, that was a prologue.

                                                                    Late- Losing you 

Cigarettes, night light, cold breeze...The perfect intangible bite.
Why does people smoke ? I tend to ask this question to all of those who smoke around me.
And when I direct the same question to myself, I would say : 
It's just a mutual, delicate and intimate battle. The cigarette and I are both undergoing the same fate : death. It is catalyzing mine, and am doing the same for  it. It burns so quickly, that you can't even say good bye and bury it properly. You light another one. You want to take its life away, and it's doing the same in a slow transcending agony way. Eventually, we are both killing each other, right ? But I enjoy its smoke, and it's enjoying the touch of my fingertips and the red lipstick I stain it with. Fair play ! 
It does sometimes go far beyond, and it becomes my imaginary friend, that I sometimes name, and then step on with my shoes. Such a psychotic behavior, I know about that. It really helps you breathe, and feel differently, see differently, talk differently and live differently. But it's the ultimate criminal of the whole world, we roger that.

Time for me to end this entry !
Just take care people !

mercredi 8 août 2012

Anna Piaggi Tribute

Yesterday, I was surprised by a PM from my friend announcing me that Anna Piaggi is dead.
If you're not familiar with Anna Piaggi, the fabulous Italian Vogue Editor, that had the most eccentric style : Blue bang, top hats, vintage clothing...That old pretty lady got it all.
This is too bad for the fashion industry.A huge loss that cannot be replaced (and don't you say that Lady Gaga is having an eccentric style too).She is so dear to me because my first online fashion article, published in Dirrty Glam Magazine, was about Anna...
Closing this post with some of her stunning photos. Rest in peace, lady !


mardi 7 août 2012

In love

Yess ! In love with this Minkpink fall 2012 collection.

These are items I would literally kill for. Am not quite familiar with this brand, but I've recently discovered it while browsing asos. You could feel the pagan, neo-romantic, ethnic and gothic spirit in these looks (now am imaging the smell of incense all around, in foggy candle-lit room). To sum up, Mikpink clothing paired to Jeffrey Campbell's lita is a blast. 

Well that's it. Just stopped to submit these lovelies and head to the kitchen afterwards.
take care people !

samedi 4 août 2012

just a random shout

A big effing random shout to the very sick and distorted population am living among. I usually avoid saying such things about my people. And besides all the love and respect that owe to each one of them, out there, some of them are really ******.
That' a real shame ! People are starving, dying from the huge lack of water, shelter, and all of life' basic needs, whereas, some would gladly shout at your face and blame you for a mistake they unconsciously made.
Pretty rotted spirit, fucked up minds...I just wish that with a simple blow of wind, they disappear, all at once.

Now have a good night, people !
Take care !

jeudi 2 août 2012


Hey, wassup people ?
It's 2 :28 am as you might perhaps have noticed.And am exploring Tumblr's film tagged GIF's and pics.Found this nice selection that I wanted to share. Am not quite familiar with most of the movies, but let's just focus on those people's sayings, this time. Argh, that's what boredom would eventually lead to...

to be continued, am sure am gonna fall asleep on my keyboard in any second.
Take care, people !

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