mercredi 31 décembre 2014

How 2014 made me feel!

Reflecting on what might have linked the actions, times and places during 2014.
How about a quick overview on how I spent 2014? I will make it quick, I promise (not).
January: So the year just kicked off! On January 24th (or 21st? I don't quite remember jeez), I had the opening of my first SOLO exhibition in Wyoming! I cannot describe how nervous, happy, excited and thankful I was. I was so blessed to have amazing souls orbiting around me (shout out to the babes Ghada and Fatma for helping me hang my photos). The amount of support and appreciation I was given that night was surreal. So Thanks to whoever came to say hi or to show love and support. Much appreciated! (I have a video coming up soon summing up all of these gems).

February: When I say February, I say NYC and I also say Arctic Monkeys- AM. I also say "hanging out with M.G while freezing my booty off despite wearing my entire closet?". That was NY for me, baby.

March: hmm spring fucking break? Hell yeah!Greetings to my wonderful darling Valerie Vasquez for making my break billion times better.

April: Oh well! Shit got real in April! Excuse my poor choice of words but April was my favorite. I got the chance to go to Austin, Texas, to attend Coachella Valley music festival and meet Andrew, my dustchella partner that I had so much fun with.

May: was definitely the saying good-byes kind of month. Hey there John, I miss/love you.

June & July: uhmm, surviving Tunisia's unbearable heat? I usually don't do much during summer besides the much wanted routine : eat-sleep-internet. And talking about internet, I have been extensively investing my time in looking up new music/artists/producers/etc...It goes without saying that music is my fuel (so cheesy I know, but it's damn true). Kygo was among my favorite summer tropical House discoveries. His musical touch (a.k.a remix) on whichever song you name is spectacular, whimsical and simply ethereal..dreamy. I can go on and on.

August: Just after Ramadhan, there was...EPHEMERE Festival. It was an overall good experience. It's been a pleasure working with them.

September: Besides fangirling over more producers (Flume, Diplo, What So Not, HeRobust, VACANT, Stint, Lockjaw, etc..) on Soundcloud and going back to Uni, I wish September was a bit more of an autumn month than just an annoying replica of July with constant 30 C.

October: Nach Berlin! I met a lot of nice and precious souls. Therefore, I am forever grateful to whoever made this trip happen.

November & December: Going back to the usual college life. However, it was also bonding time with some of the people that I've always knew as bare acquaintances but now they are among the people that I appreciate the most. I love you Heebz!
Ending this humongous blog post with a 4mn piece from heaven that made my last hours of 2014. Is this remix even real?

I hope you enjoyed both of the tracks and the tons of pictures I just published. I am not bragging about the places I visited nor the amount of fun I had.I am simply sharing memorable moments with you because I am certain that some of you might relate to how blissful it is to be surrounded by loving human beings, and how grateful we should be that our paths have crossed theirs. My life turns around people, around what makes them tick and what they appreciate the most about their daily hustle. I truly value their friendship and honest contribution to my life. Much love!

Have a fresh new beginning to you all!

"From Paris to Berlin!"- Hamburg edition

Hello lovely ghosts of Ashrare,
Here comes the next part of the German trip! I will be featuring pictures I took during our one day journey in Hamburg. The thing is I have so many nice shots, and I desperately want to share them all with you. This is why am dividing the original blog post to three different geographically sorted parts (Ashrare loves you). We got the chance to visit a Mosque, do some civic engagement activities and wander around freezing our balls off. So here we go:

Talk to you in a bit!

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