dimanche 30 janvier 2011

A' is half revealed

-Second principle of thermodynamics says: “The entropy of the universe increases”

-I asked Pr.X: “If entropy keeps increasing, in a system, what are its limits?”
He said doubtfully: “it has no limits, it’s infinite!”   

- To achieve K= “kicking dictators out”, and therefore R= “Revolution”, Entropy should hit a max twice. Why?

 Fact(1): M.B was burnt to death, in Tunisia
==>Protestations n°= 1 (average level)
===>Entropy hits A
Fact(2):   Rage, anger, fear and an unbearable desire for freedom
==>Protestations n°=2 (extreme high level)
===> Entropy hits B => K= True

Now, this must be launched for different values: A’, B’ (entropy levels that should be hit in Egypt in the next days)

Told you I can help from here...
No am not serious,will get serious in calculations tomorrow morning. A' and B' are still unknown.A' is half revealed.Wanna join?

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