samedi 28 mai 2011

Camping,anyone ?

Am so considering camping (including setting bonfire (= ) somewhere,this summer. It's not just considering though,it is more likely desiring...
Oh! Am just saying.
However, if there anyone who is considering the idea as I do, and willing to make this happen with me, he/she is more than welcome. 
cheers people

mardi 24 mai 2011


- Barbara I Gongini :

A human being is better off wrapped...a valuable rag on a sinner bone. 


lundi 23 mai 2011

Do I have to go through this again

 Do I have to go through this week? Can't I just jump to the next immediately?
I keep hanging around,from a bed to another bed,doing nothing and staring at nothing.At some point I wish I could sleep like 24/7. Unfortunately, it is not allowed.At least,during this period of time.
As you can see,I have no more camera so now the only thing that allows me to make photos is my 1.3M webcam.That's okay though,I won't complain about that now.
However,let's see what happened while I was taking these :
Photo 1 : I heard a weird voice.It was like someone dragging a huge and a heavy something.And it happens to be true. Neighbors!
Photo2: Hearing it again...but there am focusing.I thought someone was coming...footsteps.
Photo 3: It happens that I try to tear out my clavicle.I may succeed in doing that one day.
Photo 4 : Do I really need to stay awake ?
No !
Let's get some eternal sleep.

mercredi 18 mai 2011


oh oui...j'ai bien foutu mon appareil photo.
oh yeah...I have pretty much fucked my camera.


Je suis désormais foutue
Am therefore fucked.

I would just thank it for keeping me a good company during those past 3 years. Now I need to look for another alternative and let go photography for a while. How about cats and mice in a same house ? That would be fun.

P.S. This is the best way (cool blood?) to deal with this.Otherwise,I would...smash something?

lundi 16 mai 2011


Initial singularity...
This term is used to describe the (t=0) moment of the universe,before the big bang.The initial singularity has no determined nature just yet (Bogdanov twins are working on it : huge and seductive equations are mainly published in their book "Bogdanov's equation").
I,myself, couldn't stop thinking about its nature. What can this first and ultimate thing , that have had caused the expansion of the universe, be? A string ? Bigger....A quark? Bigger....An electron ?
In front of this enigma,we are all wonderer in Mr.Nobody's land. There are those who won't quit until understanding the cosmos' mysteries,even with very basic tools,with very simple exclamations and stares. Whereas,there are those who "enjoys a dish without bothering themselves to ask for its ingredients".
Getting back to electrons.Am afraid I would came up with this following conclusion after asking this :

- What are we made of?
-- Flesh and blood.
--molecules ?
-Keep going
-- atoms and electrons.
Now stop : If electrons doesn't exist,neither will molecules. The bond between an atom and another atom is basically a Sigma or a Pi bond. What are these people?
Sigma Ϭ  bond is  a combination between two different or similar orbitals. Same thing goes for π but it is a bit different for this bond.Anyway,an orbital is a mathematical function that describes the wave-like behavior of one or a pair of electrons in an atom. Now hear me out, if the bond between two atoms is just a mathematical function that is in a way or another nonexistent...then I would jump straightly to say : What are we?
We are made of...electrons and illusionary bonds. How splendid is this ?
This personal and basically random discovery have made my day. This shows that : if you can prove something scientifically and its end up relevant,then no power may equalize science ( though it's not always the case,as for understanding the nature of time, the existence of God,etc...)
Now,let's feature some of the prettiest pictures of the universe,planets ,stars and of course the cuteness Aurora Borealis:

 At last, when I stare at the sky in very late hours of the day, I become grateful for one thing :  for not being the only "something" that is hard to understand...

samedi 14 mai 2011


A human being can't just get something as long as he wants it badly,can he?
Something; occult power,strong bonds,rough circumstances,shitty news...anything to break the equilibrium of your lifeline balance...anything.
I would ,in very particular times ,surrender. 
Let it be,let if happen...this so called fate. 
Do you people think I still care? Not always. 

" YOU...are a bold and courageous person,afraid of nothing.High on a hill top near your home,there stands a dilapitated old mansion. Some say the place is haunted,but you don't believe in such things.
One dark and stormy night,a light appears in the top window in the tower of the old house.YOU decided to investigate....but you never returned."

High Tone-Afraid of nothing

mardi 10 mai 2011


I admit that I don't have any interesting content to add to my blog recently ; something besides "me moaning about anything that is in motion on planet Earth". 
I have just heard this sentence,coming from the closest person : 

" You are terribly careless ! I have never met someone like you,ever !" 

Not sure about the way I should deal with this : in either way, it is so unfortunately true (I hate the part in which I admit some of my shitty behavior) 
I probably should start giving a less attention to my nail's length (for example) and care about my health.

However,wish you all a great week ( yeah we can still wish that on Tuesday) 

dimanche 8 mai 2011

choke me not

Someone have told me : " Why you don't sign your pictures anymore? "
I eventually didn't answer this... why?
Because I would either get into a very deep argumentation that might finally lead to an unexpected consequence,or not saying a word about it (which is the case). By not saying a word,not answering questions( or answering vaguely), not talking to people in very specific circumstances, I absolutely means no disrespect.
For instance,I chose to not to answer such questions because the way I percept it is way dissimilar than the way the asker is interpreting it.
He is pretty much looking for a simple and yet,random answer (curiosity ? Maybe) and I totally admit that there is no harm in answering this. But...
Pictures,photography,other's appreciations,art theft,etc...pops up all in a sudden when I get similar questions.
 And then I start to think; does that person really cares about my photographs getting stolen or what ?
Let me,dear sweet readers,tell you something about this :

- If someone would one day dare to steal my photographs and use them without any kind of permission, let that someone be certain that I won't sue him.But I would pity him instead.

- If someone thinks that I blindly and automatically sign my pictures,or even care about such superficial and substitutionary things in art,I would ironically say : How cute!

Something else...the word " artist " is getting thinner in value and wider in use. What a loss !

Another someone have told me too :" What is an artist for you, Nedra ? "

I said :" I can't define it...I can see it and strongly feel it when it comes by.Am not an artist,and I won't become an artist. I just can't reach it...(optimistically adding) yet."
The horrifying part of this,is that I can't stop seeing in other's photo-albums :" lovely pics,you're such an artist". I wish I can pretend that I haven't seen it...too bad am not a good pretender.
It,personally,chokes me !
I know that everyone is having his own perception on art,he is definitely free to comment and criticize... But I eventually end up saying : How would the world look like if everyone is thinking the same way as I do? "
This won't be answered...
I admit that I over-think,as well as I admit that one day,my over-thinking and extended imagination would lead me to...a very unpleasant end.

Photos: myself
Models: 1st picture : myself again
              6th picture: Dhouha.A


vendredi 6 mai 2011

random irrelevant interpretation

I have been frequently having weird "dreams" (the kind of dreams that I don't categorize as nightmares), pretty much about suicide : 
I have been witnessing suicidal acts,in very familiar places,with slightly recognizable faces. That is not really terrifying because I had worse than this during my pseudo-calm hours of sleep. However,it is undoubtedly annoying that when I woke up,I was wondering if I'am still alive or not. 
it might be by accident that most of the things I have been talking about,watching,reading or unintentionally visualizing were about that term :

- Movie : The river king (synopsis: Abel Grey is sent to investigate the death of a boy from an exclusive local school, who is found floating in the river. Fearing scandal, the school insists it was suicide
- Quotation : " An elegant suicide is an ultimate work of art" 
- Book : Les souffrances du jeune Werther ( [...] Malgré le mal que cela lui fait, il reste auprès du jeune couple puis se rendant compte qu'il ne pourra jamais posséder la femme qu'il adore, il se suicide

A coincidence ? Things which are meant to be joined ? How would I explain this? 
I don't know...

jeudi 5 mai 2011 love and hate for you are infinite

Pink...I have found (after long hours of hide & seek in my wardrobe) this velvet pink blouse. I might just ask myself a hundred of times the following silly exclamatory clause:  Do I like this color ?
I have no problems in wearing colors,but I get extremely picky and selective when it's about breaking the sacred blackened outfit.
It is  tender,attractive,smooth,innocent and yet feminine.However, seeing pink as a "descent" color to wear (at least for me) would certainly depends on the nuance,the fabrics,and of course the model :

- If it's a cotton shirt/t-shirt : a teen look, a "wear the first t-shirt you  find in an ordinary wardrobe" 's look, a matchy-matchy look with your boyfriend's Lacoste pink polo for a romantic date,etc...

==>  People,don't tell me later on that I haven't warned you before :  Pink T-shirts might damage/ruin your extraordinary mind and silver soul,my brain cells and sophisticated mood.

-If it's a dress/blouse: in this case,it would depends on the fabric :

   - If it's velvet/lace : a warm pink : wear it in a breezy summer night under a moonlit sky.
                                an Indian pink : wear it everywhere,anytime,anyplace ( such a powerful color)

-If it's a jacket/coat : You should try it on during Fashion weeks so you can get the "Street style" photographer's attention. As for me,I honestly can't see myself comfortable looking like a pink dot in Google earth (no thanks)

-If it's a corset/basque : Velvet/slik : definetely wear it.
                                     Latex/leather : hmm...let's say occasionally...

 Then, let's feature some favorite "pink" items :

Lily Donaldson by Nick Knight

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