samedi 22 janvier 2011

J-Chan 's Designs

BlueSparrow Collaboration (Models: Shannon Von Eschen, Valeri Kimbro,Velocity)

Mark Hayes Collaboration (Model: Velocity) 

As you can see,these are the very recent designs made by Jessica Rowell. Who is Jessica Rowell?
It's a red talented head who seems to keep astonishing all of her visitors on her Facebook page  
If you're a fantasy and sophisticated costumes freak,you must have seen her designs somewhere.Working with several talented photographers and models,Jessica have somehow succeeded in showcasing her wonderful outfits.
These are more than  pieces of clothes that are eagerly sewed with a  thin needle; these are fine concepts,illustrated with a catchy make-up in a perfect scene,with a suitable pose.
I pretty much see myself wearing one of her designs as a wedding dress (*laugh*).
Jessica Rowell is more than gifted.Let's help her reach her goal which is designing costumes for Tim Burton's movies. 
feel free to visit her deviantart gallery and spread her designs all over!
All of my greeting of sincere appreciation,Jess (:

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