samedi 15 janvier 2011


Expressing my anger through this painting that I've made with the few pastels that I have.
-Red: blood of the martyrs
- Orange: flames
-Military Green: Tribute to the Military,who 've been helping poeple all around.
-Grey: smoke

General explanations:
-left up: empty souls drew with Chestnut colours representing those criminals and gangs who are setting fire,and destroying everything all around the country.

-Right down: protesters, brave souls who are fighting for their rights,who are welcoming bullets just so their voices could be finally heard.

-Holes: bullets
-red lines: blood shed
- anything else,which was chaotically drawn,would represent anarchy and chaos all over.
-white thing in the right bottom: hope

So...I've been chasing helicopters during the whole morning (I admit that I am absolutely running out of ideas to keep my hands busy)
here are some successful shots: (Yeah,I have always wanted to catch some war shots :/ you know,fire,people running,fear and such...But now I only get some smoke,and helis -_-)

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