vendredi 30 septembre 2011


 Excuse my passiveness. I have been so useless : just waking up every morning and sleeping every night.That's all I've been seriously doing.As for the rest of my daily activities, they were unconsciously done (I figured it out, now).The weird thing about this evening is that I've had quite high body temperature and it sort of reminds me of my childhood. When I was ten years old or less, I have always had fever, like twice a month.
But now...I feel like that guy from fantastic four ( so irrelevant, but I find no appropriate comparison for this feeling)

The I always do say : these images are somehow related...the end of summer, the beginning of autumn, the migration of the lovely birds and also...friends.
argh,am joining Bela Lugosi !

lundi 26 septembre 2011

Just a quick update

Am not dead yet...(I was about to this week-end, though)
am not updating my blog at all these late days, I have a lot of things to share but it seems that I can't find time to make valuable entries.So, It's gonna take a while until I capture my breath again.Who said something nice about attending daily lectures and updating my own mind ? (don't even pinpoint to him in front of me,I'll tear his soul apart, seriously).I can't find time to eat, to stare for hours at the mirror as I used to do, to have idle moments...I'll miss these things :s
hope you're fine, people !

samedi 17 septembre 2011

Well fare

 Rare ashes with choclate flavor, who is in?
Just a random entry, nothing particular to mention besides of one thing : If you have any particular statement/acts/confessions to say/do/make...GO FOR IT !
That's what I ended up concluding because when you eventually decide to do so, it's gonna be way too late.
Anyway, glad to have good friends around.But not for so long...They seem to be flying away,one after another.And they end up going in different paths. It just happens...
Grateful that some of my dearies are here and they're not going anywhere,just yet. I do believe that good things won't last forever...It's like a pair of shoes, you saw it in the store, you plan to buy it tomorrow.You're back to the store the day it follows and surprise surprise: it's gone!Just like that,yeah...

Take care people !

vendredi 16 septembre 2011

floral prints



Miu Miu 

What's in common, in these prints?
Flower shapes, pagan and occult touches (Givenchy), classy and romantic flavor (Balenciaga), and a quite curvy, sophisticated silky piece. 
I'd actually prefer my skirt, in this case.Plain and full pink roses to make you feel like a secret garden since my real roses are...dead.

Cocteau Twins

B&W self-features: 

Others' B&W features: 


First set of photographs : 
- the first three: my demoniac cousin. Long exposure,thank you for making him look like the omen.  

- next two : arabic poetry/ my fabulous arabic handwriting.
- The curve picture : that one is just...epic.What is the story behind it? You won't get it.

 Pr.Farid : "chbik tadh7ek?"
Chahra:  "nadh7ek 3al courbe..."
 - "Clivage"
-rest are a spider web, random and a headless picture of me.

As for the other featured photos, they are most of  my favorites B&W pics that I've been collecting on Tumblr.The first one is Milton.H.Greene's. Last one,I guess it's Helmut Newton's. I needed to update this blog even with a similar post because I admit that I've been quite idle in here.
Anyway,am going to (soon) start a 365 Days project.Am not going to illustrate my own visions,I decided to incorporate other person's. So,we'll see what's gonna happen.

Have a good day people !

lundi 12 septembre 2011


05:03 am

The sound of rain drops on my roof woke me up. I recall feeling delighted when I've heard such sounds.I predicted a cloudy and a bit chilly weather during the morning.I was right,It was cloudy and chilly indeed.
On the sweet melody of rain I fell asleep again.
Everyday, I step out of the bed and ask myself a quite considerable yet annoying amount of existential questions whilst sleeping again on the cold mirror.
" Do I have to go? "
Well, Cleverbot answered "yes". So, I obeyed.I dragged myself out of the room.I stirred my black coffee and looked through the window. Another disturbing question emerged.
" Should I talk to him? " 
Cleverbot said : " No,ignoring is always the answer" 
That was not the answer that I've been keen to hear,but I had one day to obey that virtual messed-up mind.And I did...Hours later,I wish I didn't...

end of story. Love telling "from the wall" stories.Especially when they are from my reality.

dimanche 11 septembre 2011

Matching anthropologie

Anything I see, sense or touch will always reminds me of "something". That "something" might be a song, a picture, a poem, a glass, a car, an eye, a smile,etc...
Since am legitimately related to every past second I've ever lived, I would share some from the cobweb that I've been mentally binding. Follow me :
Snow White and the seven Dwarves :  this reminds me of the hideous queen in Snow White.Quite sharp,hazardous and fearful. 
The perfect weather : favorite cloud shape/color ever.Dark is dominating the skies just above the horizons and exactly in front of you.Rotating your head 60° to the south, some eagerly lit and tender blue clouds are waiting for you as the storm is requesting their dismissal.You must recall; it's a farewell. 

" Lost in the valley without my horses... "

Blair Witch Project I (movie) : the woods,the river,the village...Enigma. 

All of the previous pictures are items are from Every single goodies is a work of art : from house furniture,to dishes,earrings,and dresses.You might wanna take a look, get inspired and...change your perception on anthropology. 
photo credits: 

jeudi 8 septembre 2011

Je suis dans un état de stresse...du jamais vécu.
Eh ben il faut se décontracter.
Eh ben je n'y arrive plus.
Eh ben tu sais quoi faire.

* shooting the head*

mercredi 7 septembre 2011

twenty eight degrees

I can't believe it ! It's 28° out there * boogie dance*
I went out and smelled a big tree's leaves. They whispered :  " Fall is here ". At once,I felt it.

therefore,some liquid dub is needed ,you'll get such an amount of peace while listening to these,trust me people (or don't ) !

The only few things that am gonna miss,since summer is almost gone are my shorts, and the big amount of ice-cream that I devour daily.
make a warm welcome for this beloved season !
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