mercredi 26 janvier 2011

let's see

it seems that some strange powers from above are keeping me from resting,tonight. So here we are,awake!
let's play:

1/do you feel any presence around?

2/what have kept you from sleeping?
- an odd feeling that am gonna blink my lashes the whole night (health problems mainly)

3/what are you doing?
- typing

4/why? seriously want me to explain why am I typing? ===> there are letters on keyboard,that,once pressed,appears on the's a hell of a way to write a sentence without using pen and paper thing,got it?

5/Sort of! Anyway! What are you thinking of?
- Am thinking of my last minute photo-shoot with a friend (a male model,thank God),scheduled for tomorrow.Haven't prepare a thing for it...

6/Who is the model?
-some question!

7/What would you do to someone who calls you "whore"?
- get closer,will whisper this answer to you.

8/ *blushes* question: Where can we find real beauty?
-real beauty is gotta find the perfect perception for it.

9/How is Tunisia?

- you gotta be kidding...I've been hearing Gaddafi,being somehow interviewed...and what can I say? Or,from where should I start? from the green sceneries as a background or from his contradictory successive sentences? Gaddafi attitude is a rare disease that should be not only cured,but also sterilised.

10/Are you feeling sleepy? Or not just yet?
- Thanks a lot for such parasitic company,I order you to get the hell out of my mind right now.
11/Yes dear.

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