samedi 29 juin 2013

People help the people

I can go for hours with submitting  photos of people I had/still have in my life. Especially now that am freaking sick, in the bed the whole day, being nostalgic and browsing through my photography files. 
Let's just open a parenthesis ; I have mentioned in a very important paper,  that is supposed to show my various skills and academic excellence in the best shape, that I love touching sidewalks and old building bricks, hearing people talking and staring at every single detail of their facial bone structure. I can't really deny that human beings are a case of study that fascinates the hell out of me. This is why I wanted to pursue anthropology studies, however, that's another long story. 
Meeting people and befriending some happens quite frequently in a human being's life. But it seems that it's taking more importance and value for someone like me who might start counting someone's lashes while talking to them. 
Words can't really describe how much I appreciate every single fine moment I had with every living human being since I started realizing that we humans are rare masterpieces. Grateful, and thankful for these amazing friends, acquaintances and others. Leaving these people for quite a while is the hardest thing that I'm about to do. You'll be missed, a lot.

Instagram recap

Hello dearies !

The small snapshots above resume what I've been doing for the past few weeks. I have finished school, started my summer internship and still didn't get a tan YET. Actually, there is something new going on in my life which is my obsessive unexplained lust for bathing suits. I have never loved wearing bikinis, nor showing off my bum for the public.However, I still find the idea quite irritating but I will stick to my sport shorts and change the tops as I bought plenty of them.
Anyway, I haven't went to the beach yet. I am still having a week, since Ramadan is almost there (on the 9th of July I believe). Let's hope that I'll grab a towel and abduct my sister for a small ride to the beach.  

I have been also DIYing a lot. I will show you what I 've been working on in the up-coming posts. It's really fascinating how ten fingers and two eye-balls(and all of the human body per say) can make wonders. 

Some great music to let you hold on to, some chillwave for a chilly not so hot summer.

laterz !

samedi 1 juin 2013

Once upon a time...Woodstock

I am way behind in posting, I suk big time, I know. I couldn't keep up with anything I've been doing lately : too much confusions, and a lot was actually happening. 
Now, it's the "after the storm" phase. Am surprisingly enjoying it. Feeling calm and serene is something that I miss a lot. Anyway, let's sum up what happened in these past couple of months really quick  :
- I have just finished exams
- I am officially in summer break 
- I am going to spend a year in the USA, studying and shit.
- I took off my lower braces (the upper ones in a month or so).
- I cut my hair 
- I realized that am underweight and I should worry about that.
- I have took a lot of pictures but posted none of them( will do soon enough).

That's all I guess. So the pictures above were randomly taking during the spring break, in my college. Those two folks came dressing up as hippie. The weather was warm and the sun was blazing, so we had to immortalize those moments. It turned out pretty good. Love you Mohsen and Anissa

Now these are some awesome BTS shots, with Mariem and Boussarsar.

Oh ! What can I say a part from I love you, you people who make me smile while going through these pictures.

Now get ready ! A new post will be up soon.

Take care y'all

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