vendredi 31 décembre 2010

My legs would tell...

It's almost over...
How was 2010,in my opinion?
In the beginning ,I've witnessed a lot of failure,disappointments and misunderstandings. By mid September till November,that period of time was pretty awesome.December have mysteriously been so shadowy...I have never had the same state of mind before (I have never thought that someday my mind would dig that deep)
However, I do wish to have a better year!
It sounds like a  forsaken hotel room number though. 

What might it hide between its clutches? My legs would tell...

mardi 28 décembre 2010

blinded visions

                                       photo/model: my fake fucked freak soul 

As some would rather get shallow and purposely mysterious instead of explaining what the heck their photos means and why the hell was it made in the first place,I would go this way:
For this one,I see blinded visions (title), chaos, instability and lake of god damned justice. Am I angry?
Yes! I mean this country have already been fucked up... and things are getting even worse.
Where are we heading?
Just to the bottom of the mire well.

We'll see what happen...
This makes me think of a song : "What's gonna happen tomorrow?" I think it's Duran Duran.

jeudi 23 décembre 2010

I had a dream that looked like...a nightmare

Once upon a time,a princess was laying down...dreaming! 

Suddenly,she woke up! She thought that someone was calling: " My Queen! My Queen!" 

None was there.So she tried to get back to her magnificent dream.

She heard it once again. The Queen have got up.She tried to look for the source of this unbearable whisperings.

But...She was dreaming that she was dreaming.
"It's time my Queen,it's time to forsake this miserable world.Say goodbye to your wealth"
Oh...poor Queen! It was time for her to die.Ankoù was howling around.

"At last you enter the electric castle...
here in this vast hall , where even shadow fears the light you lmust confront your past...
if you have killed ...beware the gathering of spirits "

Ayreon-Castle hall

Photo/model/MUA: nedra

mardi 21 décembre 2010

madness exists

- You're mad!
- Thaaaanks!

What are these?
well...nothing and everything...Do you have enough oxygen around to read and understand that? Good for you and for both us,maybe am right,maybe you'll think that am delusional or somehow crazy.But I just want to tell you something,there is no harm in trying to figure out least am trying,okay? Talk for yourself people- who lives with no reason.*kidding :D*
All right...mathematically and physically speaking,these aren't based on facts,but on suppositions.Otherwise,I wouldn't be able to work this out.Anyways,don't ask yourself a lot of questions while reading it,it maybe a non-sense reckless something...but who knows.Daaamn,I don't dare to say that these are correct!
am nut!
am out===>

Meet me in the hallway-College days

Photographer/model/MUA & Hair: myself
I love doing everything by myself *evil laugh*

Yohji Yamamoto-Défilé H/A

Du noir ? Certes, à l’exception de quelques pièces de  couleur blanche.
Un plaisir auditif comme visuel ; des formes géométriques qu’on adore adopter, des robes dégradées, une allure  indifférente, des silhouettes fines et glorieuses.

Le défilé de YY est une vraie scène vive et pleine de nuances.
Une atmosphère subtile, calme et sombre à la fois, YY a su choisir la bonne ambiance qui va avec sa collection.

Ce qui attire le plus dans ce défilé, c’est les coiffures des models : une touche de couleur est exigé de sortes qu’on y trouve dans les chevelures des jeunes filles défilant.  

Sans oublier « l’air de rue » (pour ne pas dire une silhouette joliment déséquilibré entrant dans la peau d’un charlatan)  que porte ces pièces uniques et unies. Des longueurs de folle splendeur, les créations de YY me sont vraiment agréable, et étrangement « hors pair ».
Un homme de valeur qu’est un homme en noir. 

P.S. les photos sont prises par différents photographe dont les noms m'échappent.

Pandora is a box


Random shots I took a month ago during an electronic music concert...
the music rocks,the place as well...but people sucks!

Night Inspiration II

-This place @V.U:

Night Inspiration I

What keeps me alive?

-Curiosity as a matter of fact...the unbelievable desire of  knowledge (never get tired of asking : What's next?)
- Beauty ( Movie quote: "there is so much beauty to quit...")
- These:

- The unbelievable desire I of stepping into Coco Chanel's world:

- my surroundings: objects I want to have/see,persons I want to know,places I want to be in...

- mysticism and mysteries:

- My sister (sist &  I in the photo-taken by S.Hajji) :

- Good memories and cheerful moments: (such as these):

                        Get away right now! (screaming me)
Who doesn't love Jozeph?

                                    kick some ass!

      My very long hair

 a hell of a family!
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