mercredi 31 août 2011

Never mind

I kept myself from saying this the whole day,but I can't control what I say anymore ! Some people make me wanna throw up on my stiletto heels right now. Believe me,it's not their fault...Blame me it on my paradigm.
Nice days are apparently over...
ground state...

mardi 30 août 2011

Just have a nice day.Pt I

It's Eid El Fitr,during which we celebrate the end of the holy month; Ramadan.
As for Ramadan...from where should I start?
Years ago, Ramadan used to be my favorite month. During it, nights were having a different glow,everything was shining from buildings to faithful faces.True values were deeply appreciated and considered as forgiveness, honesty, humbleness and generosity.However, I am afraid I can't discern that anymore. Too bad for this hyper-consumptive society, who continually seems to lose touch with reality.
So today,am basically celebrating my 30 days or so of lasting patience with a cup of coffee and a huge strawberry gum (perfect breakfast).  Wishing you a nice day all of you ! If you're visiting relatives and family,make sure you give enough money to the kids (as it's a cute tradition),because we want no hard feelings for today.

Am gonna feature some photos taken during Ramadan. Insignificant and moreover irrelevant,but that's not the point.Just enjoy the atmosphere (of the fried yoyo,haha)

Well I admit that am not enjoying my day so far,since am in the middle of a nine-page article translation (english to french). The article is my Leafblade's interview (oh yes,am interviewing again,but for a french webzine this time). Leafblade are simply...poetic. I've been quite afraid of badly translating Sean Jude (lead guitarist/vocalist) 's rare and authentic words. He is just incredible.He wasn't just answering my questions,he was mainly opening a quiet wide window into his ethereal world. I'll submit a link when the interview is online,and you'll definitely know what am talking about.

 As for the photographs I've just posted, there are some pastries and so many sweet things to devour.Also a self-portrait with pink roses ( well a nice little story lies behind these,as I've been given flowers for the first time of my life,thank you gentleman).For the rest, snapshots from almost everywhere,my friend Sonja,my siblings,etc...

have a nice day all !

mercredi 24 août 2011


After a huge period of idleness,I proudly announce that I'll be back on track (of photography) once again. During this long summer,I had the opportunity to practice,let's say experiment, my skills in needle work (sewing rags to make coherent clothes),in fine art as well (paintings,drawings,sculptures,some specific crafts too).I will be showing the results soon. Actually,my father have showed a lot of support,but he kept wondering : "What on earth have pushed you to major in industrial chemistry engineering?". I'll keep the answer to that,for my own. 

However,( I can't believe that I spent the whole night listening to The lion King songs,I have always wanted to look like Simba when I was a kidow), I wanted to share this Belarusian artist (Oleg Tchoubakov) 's art work.


more of his splendid work : 

A genuine continuity between the smooth clouds and the brown curly hair of the young lady on the bike,some Alice in Wonderland cliché are appearing on the first painting,which represent pretty much the most spectacular escape. Seeing such amount of fairy tales inspired artworks lead me to depict the artist's world, his fancies and fantasies,how much sugar does he/she put in their daily coffee, what is the first thing that comes to their mind once awake,etc... All of this to say that I truly appreciate the "Wonderlanders". 

Another artist have caught my attention,as we are having something in common,when it's about photography.
She is Brooke Shaden, a marvelous photographer from LA,California.
Her photographs are somehow reaching me deep inside,it talks,moves and crawls.It tells something.Not only something as a matter of fact,but...a lot. Check her work here

So,she is making gorgeous,fairy tales inspired self-portraiture...Like a big girl,she takes her cameras,outfits and everything she would need for a shoot,drive to the wood by herself and film the whole process of auto-portraiture. Here is a video of her behind the scenes sequences : 

I wouldn't actually deny the fact that seeing this have actually motivated me to keep on doing my self-portraiture work. Because I've almost bailed it out days ago,when I couldn't find a way to get an appropriate focus on myself when using the timer,and then running back in front of the camera,etc...So,I hopefully will start  self-portraiture again,soon.It is amusing,fun and totally unforgettable.Especially when you're trying to shoot outdoors. 

Anyway, enjoy your visit guys !
greetings !

lundi 22 août 2011

Early awake

However, besides being quite pissed off and about to hunt that bitchy mosquito who 've turned my sweet night into pure hell, am trying to get a zen attitude for a new Monday morning.
As I've been counting and I hope I didn't made mistakes,I get back to College life on the 5th of September,which is actually the next next Monday. Yay ? Not quietly since I now find it hard to replace my permanent idleness with actual activity such as writing,talking,thinking...No!


At least,awakening my right brain hemisphere with such curves,colors and shapes makes me feel a lot better.
Can we live without Tumblr ? No for this too !

photos: Tumblr 

jeudi 18 août 2011


 Nicole Slack Jones with her Gospel band.She was simply astonishing. Huge voice, and great charisma...She have made my night  that day.
 That's all for this entry,just enjoy the mood of the very blurry pictures ( can't help it, am still learning about how to use the new camera correctly).Got some driving lessons to catch.
see ya

lundi 15 août 2011

How do I picture it?

Most probably this way :

When you're in such a hurry and going up stairs to get your non-stop ringing phone becomes such an impossible yet extraordinary experience...
Determined to climb no matter what,but your wet feet are being an obstacle,your dress is so tighter than your tights. What should you do ? C.R.A.W.L and ask from your conjoint to video tape it.

or like this?
I would be marrying Jack Sparrow and keeping an eye on Tunisian shores since the government is out-of-duty pretty much all the time.

Let's play some twisted games into this It-looks-like-Anaconda "thing" 

Oh yeah! And it's a shoe store (definitely a plus) 
Architect: Fabio Novembre 

Senseless and cold. So " Equilibrium" effect !

Armin Blasbichler's Inception door. 
Now,the question is: which door to the key? 

He/she had enough balls to do it.There,I said it !

Enough with my architecture obsession already. Not being able to sleep does not mean it's okay to steal people's photos without even crediting them,Nedra
 (well actually not my bad,nothing is mentioned,no name no link)
Leaving you with this : 


dimanche 14 août 2011

Vuitton et Chloé s'aiment bien

Louis Vuittone...
Même s'il fronçait anxieusement ses sourcils dans ce portrait, la maison LV est sans doute à son apogée. 
Un petit mot sur la collection automne-hiver (prêt-à-porter) de Louis Vuitton (Marc,tu m'entends?): 
Pour commencer,démarrer la vidéo :

Des Cabines d’ascenseurs? Des concierges en uniformes? On se croit au Plaza de New York mais c'est juste une impression.Le Show commence !
A vrai dire,certains doivent prendre de l'altitude car l'ambiance est indéniablement "smoking". Déjà,et à première vue,on remarque que le latex (qui gagnera de l'ampleur dans cette collection) rime avec allure stricte et droite. Les premières silhouettes défilent et je n'arrive pas à reprendre haleine.Mais,je me suis mise à focaliser progressivement sur les notes musicales jouées.Une danse macabre s'annonce sur l'arène? Fort probable tant que les coups d'archets sont bien violents.Les modèles contournent fièrement le podium de leur "maître".Je me permets d'utiliser ce terme,vu que la présence de quelques touches fétichistes est bel et bien...remarquable.La brillance des serres tailles en latex,la transparence du soie,les glorieux fourrures...on peut avouer que selon le créateur, la saison prochaine se voue mystérieuse, indomptable mais délicate.

Vers la sixième minute,l’atmosphère s’apaise avec l’apparition de nouvelles allures ,cette fois-ci en robe imprimé et en couleurs pastels. Un look faussement sage bien garanti !
D'ailleurs, le créateur fait bien souffrir ses mannequins avec ces énormes stilletos (ah non,qui a parlé de sadisme?).Après avoir été chaleureusement accueilli par les concierges devant les ascenseurs, elles prennent désormais l’escalier pour retourner aux backstage. Certainement un plus pour celles qui manquent de work-out.
De vue panoramique, le show touche dramatiquement quelques racines royales, et bien d'autres Tim Burton-ienne (les losanges N&B), souffle une pincée stridente mais discrète de fétichisme ,ou plutôt, affichant les plus vieux fantasmes de Mr.Vuittone. 
Pour finir,ce quart d'heure de bonheur se résume en cette régle d'or : l'ascenceur pour monter,l'escalier pour descendre, même pour Marc et Kate.Eh oui !

Sinon, pour Chloé...
Dès que j'entends Chloé ou Céline,"Parisienne" résonne automatiquement dans ma cervelle. Les adeptes de cette marque ont certainement remarqué l'effet créé par ces "items" sur leur allures.

                                                                  Des imprimés en féminité 

La Bohème? 

Baby doll ,rubanée et en cachemire 


Et que dire de cette oeuvre, géométriquement droite? 


On termine avec douceur,avec ce titre du legendary David Bowie ( merci qui? Esprits Rebelles


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