mercredi 13 février 2013

Hey peepz, 
I have checked my e-mails this morning, and found this very touching message : 

Dear all,

Last February 7, 2013, I have decided to start a project for my grandmother who was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer. Since my grandmother loves Couchsurfers, I realized that it would be great to invite CSers all over the world to take part in the project. I started the posting campaign throughout the groups in Couchsurfing even though some were annoyed and some flagged my message (and I understand them). After the campaign, I started receiving pictures and emails from CSers all over the world. I hardly slept because of the excitement to open each email, to see creative pictures and to reply to all those who have sent their love for my Mama Cing.

I have received 143 pictures from 54 countries (as of Feb 12, 2013). I took the digital pictures for printing and even asked the photo developer to print them with love. My friends have created a scrapbook out of it. I want the project to be full of love because I believe that love is more than just a feeling, but it is also a strong force.

Earlier this day, February 13, 2013 (ash Wednesday), we took Mama Cing to the hospital for her first Chemotherapy. I have given OUR project and she was touched. She even left her bag in the car just to carry the Scrapbook. I have witnessed her smile as she looks at every page, with your pictures, and with the name of your country. I believe the she felt loved and she received that “love force.” I know she will be fine.
I have been a couchsurfer for more than 2 years now. I have been organizing activities, attending activities and hosting people who needs a couch. But this time, it is different. The project revealed a different face of Couchsurfing. We are all travelers, but because of this project, I realized that there is more to travelling. Love will surpass everything. Love conquers fear. Love heals…and most  importantly, LOVE can unite the world.

I would like to thank everyone who have given their time, effort, creativity and love to make this project possible.  

That's it. Again, I am forever grateful to all of you guys! LEt's keep on praying for her!
With much love,


Well, that was a nice thing to read this morning. I have sent Darby a picture of myself, holding a sign in which I wrote " We love you Mama Cing, stay strong". Now after reading this, it was definitely worth it.
You might be that person who scrolls through so many similar call-for-help/project things on the internet, but you never want to pay attention. However, when you do, an amazing feeling of satisfaction and love suddenly invades you. Therefore, don't try to hold your feelings, spread love where ever you go, living on this planet won't worth a thing if you hold grudge, or hard feelings for others.
Be good, stay positive, do great things, love, dream, wander...
live people !


samedi 9 février 2013

NYFW : am dying

Like watching the shows, the one after the other. I am completely and utterly dazzled.
Most of the designers 's Fall/Winter 2013-2014 have left me in such an incredible awe, especially these ones :
Some chic colors/patterns, associated with some baroque floral prints, and bit of sequins at Nicole Miller (something am deeply fond of):

Rag & Bone : slightly boyish, edgy, but simply astonishing pieces.

Rebecca Minkoff : very preppy, cozy & warm, still highly elegant.

So those were basically my favorite NYFW highlights. Am not sure if there are any readers of my blog that are a bit interested in the (creative side of  the) fashion industry, still, I do enjoy briefly reviewing some of the shows that I dream to attend.

Take care peepz

jeudi 7 février 2013

Wave form & ananda

  Manu Shrine - Wave form & Ananda   

Hey  peepz, 
so about the video : the artist is named Manu Shrine, and this video blends two of his fabulous songs. Actually, hearing Wave form and then Ananda is mesmerizing. Let alone listening to each song aside... Do give it a shot, it's like the perfect sounds for me right now. Quite garage/chill-step stuff. 

Now, few words about the pictures above. The portraits are my best friend's Salma. Unfortunately, she moved to France, for a few months. I don't have anyone to bug on, to tease, to have fun/hang out with, and mostly, enjoy staying with anymore. The idea itself of being left alone is terrifying. And by alone, I don't mean walking in the street alone, or staying somewhere alone. I don't mind having a coffee by myself for instance. But it's just unpleasant to think of someone that you might enjoy spending some time with, hearing about his/her news and sharing things together, and eventually, you come up with no one to call for such things. Or at least you don't have the guts to call other people you may know and actually like, but are not that close to you. 
As the old saying goes, what is left from great times are vivid memories. At least it's something to get yourself busy with, when it comes to thinking/being nostalgic/etc. 

A part from that people, as I do always say, take care of your beloved ones. Don't let them go too far from your sight.



mercredi 6 février 2013


Today is gonna be a bookmarked page of the Tunisian history.

"On February 6, 2013, the leader of the Popular Front, Mr. Chokri Belaid was shot and killed in front of his residence in the Tunis neighborhood of El Menzah 6. Demonstrations, apparently in response to his death, have occurred in central Tunis in front of the Ministry of Interior."  Source - American Embassy Tunis

Am still in an awe, even after hours of hearing the news. I couldn't find appropriate words to relate the accident, that's why I quoted some of US embassy report on the matter. 

It's unbelievable, unbearable, unreal, immoral, and most of it all inhuman. Tunisians are shedding tears of sadness on the beloved soul of the martyr, Chokri Belaid. I have never thought that I'd feel overwhelmed when it comes to hearing political news and such, but I currently feel devastated and a bit lost to be honest. I don't know what to do, what to say, how to move on with my life.

At such times, the only thing that might comfort me is music.

Rest in peace you brave soldier. You have been and still be the role model for all of the Tunisians.

Note on the picture (source : tounessna TV) : the crime scene of Chokri Belaid's murder is ornamented with roses and flowers. 

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