lundi 23 avril 2012

Where have you been ?

Have been looking for so many acoustic stuff to hear and to play afterward. And I've found this ear-catching voice of Imany. She is wonderful, and this title is so dope. Her teary eyes...

It somehow goes with the mood of the photographs. Am trying to get back to self-portraiture. I miss doing it and I've recently recognized that it makes me feel good about myself. Even though I don't need to see myself back in pictures so I can feel good or something.Anyway, that's another issue..

And, check out this acoustic version of Dancing in the Dark : marvelous !

"You can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a spark"

Enjoy it :)

mercredi 18 avril 2012

Random music entry

" Overwhelming is the feeling of swimming in a sea without knowing its depth. 
 Frustrating is the feeling of  cherishing a marble wall. 
Intriguing is the fact that we're born to misunderstand the opposite sex. "

In this right instant, I wish I was sitting in front of that guy, under that tree, listening to his play and only that...

Anyway... Check this out : 

Am gonna give it a try and answer some of those : 

1/ three favorite movies : Stay, My own private Idaho, Melancholia 

2/ I don't like drugs...

3/ A sexual fantasy...(will be answered privately)

4/ I wanna fuck Heath Ledger (but he is dead, too bad), marry Ryan Gosling and kill Justin Bieber. 

5/ Quotation ? that's gonna be in my dialect, you won't get it anyway.

6/ ...

7/ What have turned me on lately is a gentleman saying : " You'd look hot in black lingerie" 

8/ Blackmill, Low, Anathema, Ayreon, Burial.

9/ I fear cats/dogs and I enjoy licking lollipops. 


11/ Mexico 

12/ Perfect date ? On a very high building's roof, with a guitar, cigarettes and some drinks. 

13/ Superpower...being invisible 

14/ I don't drink

15/ haha, I'll keep that for myself

16/ What I currently don't like is the weather.

17/ I won't, I love my name. 

18/ white chocolate

Cheers guys !
much love 

samedi 14 avril 2012

Highway to Mestir II - Theatro INSAT

  I love every single mother bitch of you, guys ! <3 
That is definitely to be done again, and soon enough hopefully. 

mercredi 11 avril 2012

the landscape of the heart

Am going to dedicate this special entry to a musical band that have, so far, eased my existence.

Anathema... Cavanagh & Douglas brothers.
 With nine albums in their repertory, they've never failed their fans.On the contrary, they just can't stop amazing us.
We memorize every single song, from Judgment 4, till Natural Disaster and going through the latest Weather Systems, we just like doing the Anathema talk...the one that touches the heart and the soul.
As Danny Cavanagh reveals in this video : "the landscape of the heart". This is a very deep word that wasn't only used by Anathema, but by their friends (Leafblade) also.

Favorites :

and all of them, damn !

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