jeudi 6 janvier 2011


I  pity this self of me...this unbearable part of me who keeps pushing to see feelings,expressions and eye-catching moments from life in every photograph I make or see,this other sick hoping part who is wishing for a change in this forsaken part of the world.

I have participated in a contest with these following photos.I was truly expecting to receive some sort of critics,feedback,point of views,judgements,anything but nothing...just to get an idea and try to locate my self as a photographer among this huge crowd.But...I have recieved none of what I was hoping.
I knew that my participation wouldn't really mean a lot.However,I thought it was worth a trial.
It wasn't,Darling!
Now,am more than sure that the Tunisian field of photography is but a fake stage for non-sense/hypocrisy/camouflage/what ever you may wanna's everything but art,in my eyes.
I do not pinpoint the photographers in person who are trying to discover this new face of art and yet the whole world .Am mainly blaming those who are making a joke from themselves by pretending to be: professional/ indispensable/miracle-catcher/rusty-doors & wooden windows shooter who also claims to be  members of a somewhat jury in an X damned photography related something.
Am in rage?
Am I asking for too much or saying too much?
no,this is how I am currently seeing things...
I would rather seeing life taking another deviation in this point.
Am I asking for too much once again?
Am doing this for myself,for the sake of Art.
Spending days and weeks,thinking about the photographs am going to make,and trying to picture out the right angles,the perfect framing,while am in bed,half asleep. 
I hallucinate.I dream of my pictures.I smell my shots.Am trying hard to make them alive,and unique. 
Cause you know why?
In every picture,I see a different me...even when am not the model.It just happens that I see myself somewhere in it.At that point,I feel satisfied. 
If you can't see the spirit of the light painter,how could you see the truth of existence,laying just in front you?

 thanks a lot for the model!

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