vendredi 28 octobre 2011


Currently, in a great mood to like these songs :

The Expandables : I hear Metallica, Staind, Nickelback's echoes in this song.The mush up is okay.
that's it !
am off

jeudi 27 octobre 2011

4 times

I haven't introduced Sony to you there she is , a pretty cute girl that takes pretty cute girls in pictures.
Photos are so repetitive...Sorry if you'll be seeing the same version of myself 4 times.I miss self portraiture.Am not that able to take pictures of myself, by myself, unless am close enough to the camera, or someone is helping me out (pushing the button). A remote is needed.
Every time I make a blog entry, I forget what was I going to talk about once I start typing.
ah (after 5 minutes of eyes scrolling ) :
This soundtrack (from the movie "The Fog" ) :

Besides the call of prayer, I hype it. However, it could have been better though...
Remembering a movie I've seen long time ago... 

There is a link to see it online. Just wonderful, click and you won't ever ever regret watching it. 
something else that really made my day : 

Am not that drama queen...compared to this dude !! 

lundi 24 octobre 2011

dinner and the ship of dreams

 " Bois ton sort, recules d'un pas et dessines une croix " 

a cross...
it's everywhere...we draw it here and there.Sometimes we don't mean it, sometimes we use it to add, to check something, to distinguish the wrong from the right.I use it to erase what eventually seems to be useless, moreover, disturbing.
More than anything else, minds,thoughts and sayings of specific persons are things that I'll never get over, in other words, I will not tolerate another person's opinion while he doesn't even respect mine (sometimes it get worse, reaches insults and low behavior). And it's exactly there where I put a cross.An eye for an eye?
That doesn't work in such cases, because if you're unwillingly playing a game, you have to fully/extremely/violently explore the hell out of it. It's gonna be a drop dead intense game.
People, try to "stay alive"

dimanche 23 octobre 2011

23.10.11 قاعة 2

So, for the foreign visitors :
Today (and days ago,in all around the world),Tunisians have voted for a new constitutional assembly 
This might be considered as the first free, true, honest suffrage that happens in Tunisia since 1956.
The feeling is indescribable, especially when you end up shooting, playing with little kids, while other people are waiting in never-ending queues, in front of election rooms.
I hope things won't take another turn, let's just enjoy these unforgettable moments, wait for the results and keep calm.Maybe it's the first and the last time we vote, maybe things will get worse and maybe my pessimistic visions are totally wrong.Anyway, point is : proud of having a blue finger even though it's almost gone (try acetone ;))
Cheers people !

samedi 22 octobre 2011

Day - 1

I wanna :


and am not gonna say for who am going to vote, you people can't keep secrets secret. 

vendredi 21 octobre 2011


 Die Form...
I used to appreciate these German's music, but I do not carry the same appreciation anymore. Still, this Inhuman album is worth a try.
What have I been doing ?
Rearranging pillows, dressing and undressing myself, and of course sleeping. I have pretty much spent half of my age sleeping...and really proud of it.

I recommend you to take a look at this short film, by Kristoffer Borgli : here 
amazingly fascinating !
Otherwise, nothing much to add.

jeudi 20 octobre 2011


need explanation?
Fr : Il existe un A pour tout B tel que B n'appartient pas à A
Eng : There is an A for every B, but B doesn't belong to A

More explanations ( and thank you, Cédric, for showing this to me, it's so relevant in such circumstances) :
We, human kind, live in a world where all species are mashed up together, in pretty much all circumstances (e.g. you can take the elevator,greet your neighbors(human?), push your floor's number ( bacteria ? ), walk to your flat, perceive a cat (animal ?)  in the corridor, open the door (Bacteria?) and greet your wife (Human?)).
A perfect circle of (unwanted) meetings.
 Well this mathematical expression represents the part of humans who are not able to live an ever- lasting period of time with/near/among people, species and simply...others !
In some cases...I just wish I was B.
that's all I wanted to say.
Listen to this, it's wonderful !


samedi 15 octobre 2011

I see your face


The colder it gets, the lesser clothes I wear. It's weird to feel your arms freezing,instead of your naked legs...
ha, anyway. See that snail ? He made my day.I do admit that the picture is great; right blend of colors and lights but a less luck with my auto-focus. No big deal, as long as the streets of Tunis are completely deserted when there is a soccer game going on at the same time ! Keep on watching football games, people !

Photos are mine.

vendredi 14 octobre 2011


Invading a period of time where all seems to be meaningless and useless.Starting from my hyper procrastinator ego.
Scientifically speaking (the only relevant explanation I can share), you put a bottle of water for two hours and a half in the refrigerator. Take it out after that, quite carefully, and try to "disturb the equilibrium" of the molecules by any kind of shock (hit the bottle on a solid ground, add some impurities, just anything categorized as perturbable), the liquid water will instantly turn into ice (and that's a quite beautiful physical change to witness) !
Am exactly like the water (what a comparison), I tend to turn into someone who gets utterly vulnerable, indifferent and unrecognizable.I usually don't mind such sudden changes as long as it doesn't affect anyone else outside my the circle.Besides, am sort of used to that. But from the moment when it begins to attain in any way, the others,taking control is needed.Now thinking about it, my lab mate needs an excuse !
Anyway, just a sec :

I have been listening to a quite random playlist, and I played this.I haven't been a huge fan of Gorillaz,all I remember is their Feel Good Inc . But this title is somehow captivating.It's different ; new sonorities, female vocals, slight atmospheric touches...Me gusta, simply.

 I haven't been seriously starting to work.But in the next few weeks, I will. I needed to sort out my projects and put in plain words my thoughts.So, I do consider :

- making a Helmut Newton inspired photo-album. 
- doing more self-portraiture (even though, I would definitely need some assistance) 
- A Into the wild tribute photo-shoot.
- Planking photos (just for fun, everyone is planking, right?) 

last pictures taken : (Oh sweet Mariem, you're in Ashrare (:  happy birthday)

dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Oh my Goth

Good morning cupcakes,
as you can see, it's almost 8am.And am already awake, making an entry, sipping coffee and learning more about politic rights.However, I have suddenly revisited a thought that I kept rotating and expanding in my mind.

" Goth is not dead, right? "

A lot of evidence prove the total opposite of that. I can't seem to find any "true" meaning/sense in any of the modern (let's say recent, no hyperbole) cliché about the whole subculture. 
Many fashion critics, articles and designers are illustrating , in pages, lines or cloths,  a huge part of the gothic scene.Minds behind this are mainly influenced by the aesthetic part that might hunt them indirectly, on a daily basis, or  it's just an idea that had the urge to be created ASAP. From one hand, Black patterns are a must in fashion industry; whoever calls him self a designer must have some laced/silky black pieces, doesn't he/she? 

From the other hand, is it just about colors, patterns, textures, and in a word : in aesthetic? 
Only your eyes and mind can tell...
Personally, a part of me stumble in an indescribable adorement state when I see Morticia Addams (the character) walking, talking or making any simple gestures. Can't deny that she is a piece of art in motion.

And speaking of art, these wonderful Australian Artists (yes they are twins) are one of my most favorite human beings ever. I've been following their blogs and I kept finding pure and true sense in what they write/create.Noticing that you can discern your own reflection in other people, even partially, makes me suspect the fact/saying : people are different. We are all, somehow and somewhat related. 

To end my general, vague non-sense and incoherent fairy tale, I would like to feature some of the gothic-influenced pieces of art that I've been collecting over the years (I may mention the source if I have it) : 

Photograph: Irina Ionesco 

Nelson Sepulveda (1985) 


Aaand me  : 

Have a good day !
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