lundi 31 décembre 2012

A year in photos 2012

As by every end of year (since I've started this blog), I usually tend to make a blog post in which I go through all of the great moments that I've spent during 2012, and that I gladly captured. It means a lot to me to go back and check old photographs, especially when you live that particular moment again. A humble smile on my face is all I need lately.

I haven't been quite artsy during the past few months, but it doesn't matter. I hope I'll get the amount of motivation that I definitely need to have, in order to carry on doing what I enjoy most in life.

So let's start...

(Oh, music first ! When I first heard this cover of F.R.I.E.N.D.S' theme, I literally started smiling and giggling while listening to it.It's so amazing.Therefore, am quite determined to learn how to play/sing it. )    

                                   Boyce Avenue - I'll be there for you (The Rembrandts cover)

Timeline : from late 2012 (November) going back to January 2012.

                                                                               Schatzi <3

                                                  I had a turtle. He died. I cried my heart out.

(holy shit)

And that's pretty much it.
Am being totally grateful for such lovely memories.Even though some of the people that I cherished once, don't take part of my life anymore, still, I am happy that I met you and spent great time with you. No hard feelings for anyone.

Wishing all a great start, and sending you all some positive vibes from a very negative person (how does that work ? God knows how !)


jeudi 20 décembre 2012


Hey there people,

I haven't published any new photography work in ages. Still, I have managed to take some shots. I admit they are not the kind of scenery people would enjoy seeing, but I thought that immortalizing the way water drops are ruining my precious notes is somehow lovely. As I don't enjoy, nor take advantage of my winter break, I just keep roaming around the house, from a room to another until dizziness. Trying to study for my finals as trying is even harder than the act of studying itself.

However, I've just stopped by before going to bed to wish you happy holidays. Take care of your beloved ones, nearby or far away.

Greetings !

dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Am back again

I disappear and then I appear again, like out of nowhere.
I admit it's not a good thing. But it's mainly due to different circumstances, and mostly emotional instability.
Just like me blogging every once in a while, people comes and goes in your life, without even noticing that they are already gone, or even if they are already there.

And the immense pleasure that they share with you, when they are around, will no longer be noticed. I hate it when people leave...when I start making good friends, and then baaam : they are gone, carrying on their own lives, each one is following a particular path, away from mine.

Well, that is obviously something called LIFE ! So, neither I or you, can help it.
Still, am trying to remain calm, positive and trying hard on embracing a look-at-the-bright-side kind of attitude.

Anyway my friends. This is a quick update on my pathetic, yet busy life. If you care to take a sneak peak on a visual sample of it, go ahead and visit my Instagram  :

peace !

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