mardi 31 janvier 2012

Hey people

Excuse my lack of updates, lately.Am using someone else's computer until I get mine repaired.And I somehow don't feel comfortable browsing blogger on this one !

Anyway, hope you're all doing good !

lundi 23 janvier 2012

I was fine


I was really okay, until...
Oh hell with that and the reason behind it.People are dying every second, I should save some souls as long as I can. I have been recently acquainted to a foreigner someone who is mature and old enough to manage his own life.But he can't seem to live it anymore.Just existing, following the current, reached a desperate level and attempting to end his own life as he has no reason to pursue it. These kind of things make of me a stronger person for those who need me,so I could be the lonely hand of help he's got. It's so damn sad to hear such things as I've been saying to myself : " Do these kind of people really exist ? Because I've only seen those in movies".

* am hearing some knocking on the floor*

answering : 

- Feel free to appear ! Am not scared !

Anyway, what am I doing in those photos ? Nothing, I've been quite bored, had a lot of free time, so it went that way. 
And someone, who is alien like, needs to mail me his head soon enough.He got threee, can you picture that ?

I can !

mardi 17 janvier 2012


I keep amazing my self how retarded I can get...
#no comment #you should live with me to see

jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Roaming around

 As promised, I've kidnapped my gang and we have, together, invaded the holy lands of nature, with a guitar in one hand, and a camera in the other (and a car parked alone, in the middle of nowhere, and some tea and some dope and you know the rest). Was such a nice after-noon. I missed the sun rays and the fluorescent greenery of this particular spot. Okay, so these photos are quite descent, let's say.

Moving on to the next set...

 How have this hilarious circus started ? Well I liked to run, they followed my steps, we set on the timer and we went full speed backward. So, as you can see, we look like some Digital/Pokémon heros, running to catch something, or moreover, multiple stereotypes of " Captain Majed" (Tunisian readers would recognize this cartoon).

Now the other set...

 We were so out of focus thanks to Zbayda, who took the photos.Still, I suspect swallowing some lsd on my way home, because obviously I look so retarded (especially when I laugh, oh boy !)

Now, let's move on to some serious work :

 My forever and ever model/friend/dearest soul, Chahra. She inspires me a lot and she is the only model am working with pretty much every time I needed someone for a photo-shoot.

 It always seems to me like she have been forsaken on a steampunk ship, which was sailing from England to the Tunisian shores.With her golden curls, and a velvet dress, as green as the grass, she stood proudly in the middle of the field...Ran, jumped, glimpsed and laughed, The Mayfair Lady returned !

Thanking everyone !

mardi 10 janvier 2012


Let me start this entry with some good news (at least for some people who care ) :

A species of giant tortoise believed extinct for 150 years was actually just moved from its original home and now lives on the volcanic slopes of the northern shore of Isabela Island in the Galapagos archipelago."
  • A giant Galapagos tortoise, made famous by Darwin and thought to be extinct, still exists on a 
  • remote tropical island.
  • Genetic analysis found that hybrids resulted from matings between the "extinct" tortoise and 
  • another species.
  • This is the first time that a species has been rediscovered using genetic footprint tracking.  

Source : 

And forget to mention, that speaking of Galapagos Archipelago, am gonna spend my honey moon there (hopefully and if I get the visa).
Now, this kind of specie have drained my attention, as am raising a small little Mauresque turtle. They are such scared little creatures, but deep inside,they are enormously brave (mine dared to climb a very thorny tree).
Anyway, moving on to the fashion industry, as I haven't took a look at the spring-summer collection of 2012 yet, am gonna feature most of the remarkable creations.

Miu Miu : 

A mixture of kitschy yet authentic prints and textures gives this fairy tale inspired look a 4th dimension.

Alexander McQueen : 

Well you know, God save McQueen (rest in peace, champ)

Céline :

Gently badass. 

Chloé : 

Very Parisienne !

Comme Des Garçons : 

Dries Van Noten : 

Elie Tahari : 

Givenchy : 

And something else :
 I have been so proud of what a Tunisian model have accomplished so far.Maybe some of you have heard of Hanaa Ben Abdesslam.She is the new icon for Lancôme. How amazing is that !

Now I gotta close this entry, someone is telling me fascinating vampire stories related to a video game.Will be updating much more this week ! 
Greetings to you all !

Photos : 

dimanche 8 janvier 2012

Spinning in his grin

" She will love you like a fly will never love you, again "

Some samples from a not very rescent photoshoot , that turned out really well. As I occasionally model for other photographers ( beside myself and all of my auto-portraiture stories), I felt quite comfy being in front of  this particular lens.So, we'll be probably joining forces again to get a satisfying result.
Thank you again, dear !

Photos : Madi Ahmadi (hey there (: )

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