mardi 31 juillet 2012

Feeling inspired ?

The Evpatoria Report - Taijin Kyofusho

It happens...and now, it's happening again.
THAT adrenaline rush that happens suddenly and very rarely, and that makes you do loads of stuff at once. Like listening to music, downloading a fluid mechanic book, looking for movie posters to print, like over 100 pictures on tumblr and pinterest !
Shared the music, can't share the book, nor the food.So, i'll be posting my likes and the movie posters.Mkay ?


dimanche 29 juillet 2012

Light is my only come-back

Words, ink , thrones, stream of light, shadows, shiny diamonds, glowy cheeks, a state of mind quite under-cover. 
Don't feel like keeping the writing going on for this night, but I will...

Peace ! 

They are made to be loved

3 am...

What an inspirational weather (and time) to write about a serious story.

Anyways, the story begins with these tracks. I've been spontaneously hearing these tracks, coming out from a loudspeaker, near me. I sometimes like the tunes coming out from those loudspeakers, and sometimes I just put my headset on, and keep working. But listening to these songs, now, is having a radically different taste...that bitter and sweet, nostalgic feeling.

Something have changed. I was so blind to not to see this coming, but it did. I wasn't aware of the impact of this major change, but, now I am.Too late , doll !
What am I talking about ? 
Am talking about my own experiences in life. Some people are against the use of the word "experience" when it's about actions/major events happening in one's life. Logically and realistically, it is. Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night with no lights on IS an experience among so many. Falling in love, breaking a leg, smashing your car's window...all of those are experiences that we either learn from or forget about.
This summer, I've been through something different...
I've learnt how to make great friends, how to socialize and fit in a large group of various people. Being naturally shy is sometimes a social handicap. However, getting over it, and opening up to everyone is as good as smoking a cigarette and drinking an ice-cold coffee.

Am not writing this entry to tell my story...Am sending a special message, to a special person.

Wherever you are, what ever you're doing, thinking and saying : You have somehow changed the course of my life. You left, but you did leave something behind you, which is a pretty big spot for you in my life.

You're having your own paradigm in life, am having my own, they are so much different from one anther but sometimes they meet. You want to see me as the girl who left you for no reason ? Let it be. You want to believe that I don't give a f**k about you. So be it, as long as I know that it's not true. 

I care, respect and cherish the heck out of you ! Even if we knew each other in a very short period of time, during which, a lot have happened (Oh mine :D ). I haven't knew much about you, but I knew what I need to know : you're a keeper. In other plain words, we met, I liked you, you liked me, we went out, we broke up, I still care about you, so I gotta keep you, from a motive of simple love and respect. Friendship is something  precious. Not everyone, or anyone would value it and deeply consider it. And humbly saying, I do...

Hope this message would reach its target. Hope everything will go just fine, and everything would get back to normal. On this earth, we'd rather hold no grudge for each other, life is too short for hating people.Forgive and move on...

Peace from Tunisia ! 

(3 : 46 am ! Holy shit ! 46 minutes to write this ! )

mercredi 25 juillet 2012


 لا حولا...

We owe some dude the copyright of this word, but it's so catchy, efficient, and perfect for multiple miserable life-sick situations that you can't...easily get rid of it.
Anyways, just another random post until I get my shit together and move on (actively, not passively) with my life. However, I somehow decided to lecture my self these days. The AV (audio visual) world is a wide one to peacefully explore, as long as am staying home. So, as you can see through the pictures above, am learning (art history, production, special effects, etc...). Yay, what a funny summer !
Oh trust me, I don't enjoy my summer as most of the people do : sun, beach, parties, and that RI9. Reading, discovering, and learning is quite tempting though.And mostly, entertaining myself may comes in terms of home-lectures, online tutorials...Let's say in a quite geeky way (at least for these days hein, you might never know when I turn into a moody/lazy/sleepaholic person). am inventing words ! Enough dear for the night, go chill away !
Cheers people !

jeudi 12 juillet 2012

لن يمروا

Am having this Ipod, this genius Ipod...that plays the suitable song that goes with your temporary mood.
And this Oasis song have been played at the exact right time...when I literally needed to stop crying my heart out. That's why am starting the entry with that title. Story told * breath in breath out*
About the photos. Those are people I've recently been acquainted to and now am so in love with each one of them that am ready to share their drunk-head pictures (got it ? No ? Me neither).
No Pasaran Production is like a mute gun. An efficient war weapon, with a leader at its edge, and an army surrounding it. War against corruption, injustice, oppression and censorship. However, it's actually the first time that I feel as if I was in the right place, in the right time ( that feeling, yes).

                                                            They shall not pass...

That's what '" No Pasaran" actually means.And we're making sure that they wouldn't, don't, and won't.
An obsession that grows deep inside, a sentence that you repeat over and over, a restless thoughtful mind syndrome...a cure to eyes wide shut !

So, wake up people ! Don't let anyone pass but over your dead body.Scream out loud to whoever is demolishing humanity and human values, to whoever is ruining one's life-balance, they shall not pass...No Pasaran !

Cheers !

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