vendredi 21 janvier 2011

laced wooden patchwork door


As you can see,this is one of the numerous "thing" I've been making these days.
I was examinating old wooden stuff that have been thrown in the garage. And I found a lot of small wooden doors...They looked in a mess,but I liked it! I thought I probably could give the poor litttle thing a fresh make-over :D
Actually,I have cut small pictures from different magazines,journals,etc...used silk ans leather laces,glue,old bracelets,some velvet pieces of cloths.That's all I guess.
However,I first of all clued these laces...and it pretty much looked like some kind of a restriction when I was trying to glue the pictures ( you gotta be smart to do this =p).I would go for " a somewhat Pan's labyrinth".
I kept saying that am out of ideas,that I can't just sit and be calm.But truly, I do can. And this is what I am going to do now.
Just one last thing,I really hope to get some point of views,some critics on this one. Am not Jonathan Meeser (just yet =p) but I admit that I have an arty part inside of me,and I do want to know what do you guys think,like,love or hate about this.

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