samedi 27 octobre 2012



I have found things, that I gathered, and order by terms of relativity to my constant state of being.
Off to grieve in my own bed, under my silk blanket.

mercredi 24 octobre 2012

my Tunisian mother bitches in Hammamet

                                                             "THE bus" set of  pictures

                       "THE random hotel " picture, which happens to be my bag collection and nothing more.

                      THE radio thing we had (during which I ended up writing my postcards)
                                          It doesn't mean that it wasn't nice, it was.

                                      THE lunch and then the end of the journey.

Thanks to all of those who stood behind my camera and took pics instead of me. Your shots are quite appreciated. It was nice living another adventure with you, folks. We, and I personally, can't wait for the next trip. Much much love and luck for the up-coming exams ! See you soon !


                                                  BLACK CEILING - I'm in love witch u


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