lundi 25 mai 2015

May twenty filth

Just popping really quick to share some of my favorite beats. It's been a rough filthy (wat?) week, tackling my lecture notes as if I was draining a human of his blood (side effects of worshiping Bela Lugosi lately). Without further rambling of a delusional insomniac creature, let's get those ears poppin':

First, I have been shuffling my "liked" 8tracks playlists and stumbled upon this unreleased Baauer goodness. Folks, it's a trap feast!

Moving on with more discoveries on the internet...After extensive listening to numerous playlists, home boy Hayden (HeRobust) strikes again. He has just busted the sound, hasn't he? 

Matstubs is a growing young producer. I suggest you keep a close eye on his beats because he knows how to make himself noticed in such a competitive industry. Check this divine flip:

And of course, it cannot be a fav' set without the darling, Henry Steinway,'s emotion-inducing #feel audible work of art. I make it seem as if it was the Mona Lisa of the EDM (side note: I have stopped comparing music to food and transitioned to fine art..). God speed you poor readers of mine:

And needless to say that Flosstradamus and TroyBoi are making a lot of noise lately, their music will speak for them instead:

I cannot clearly resist the temptation of reaching back again for the grime lord. But this so called "edit" is far more genius than what it looks like. Who did it again? Emoh Instead x Flume, a.k.a What So Not.I do recommend you listen to the original Core from VOID though. As I come to a ruthless conclusion; this track can sum up the whole good Vs Evil war, I think it's about time I put a closure to this humble sharing of exquisite sounds.

Okay one more. Saving the best for the last, ain't I?

And now I shall close my eyes and spare you the rambling.

Cheers nuggets!
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