dimanche 31 juillet 2011

it's been a while

not my fault,it's the flash's! 

High school mates,they are wonderful people <3


It's always a great pleasure to meet people who used to make you smile and feel alive. It was a nice evening,even though it was planned randomly. I probably should thank coincidence for gathering the right people,in the right place,at the right time...or shouldn't I ?

Am a scatman too

nhihihi3...These following tunes (bands that I've just discovered) are simply marvelous :

This one is funny :

Yesterday, it rained ! Oh joy,I couldn't believe my eyes when rain drops started to collapse on my camera, as I was outside doing the following activity with my brother (who was just watching me moving from here to there and wondering if his sister is insane or simply bored). Before the photos,let's dedicate this song to the  beautiful afternoon weather of Saturday, July the 30th.

- اهبط
- لا 

" Scatman can do it,so can we "

photos (many of them are out of focus,which is too bad,am using my timer,having no doppelganger to help) and everything belongs to me,even that dude over there.

mercredi 27 juillet 2011



" Quand la lumière est opalisé, la confiture est périmée, les factures sont en amas sous ton chandelier.
Disparais !" 

Moving on to something more "serious"...
Some people/acquaintances all around me are giving me the impression that am such an interesting study case in psychology. Definitely honored but am quite sure that small misunderstandings happens a lot when I meet new persons. As I said before and will always mention it from now on, I do not disrespect anyone just because I don't engage myself in a proper conversation with him/her (mostly a "him").I would gladly do when there is something to talk to you about, or when I would love to get to know you more,or when I feel like talking or when you're a really close friend of mine. "Silent" me doesn't mean "under drugs/sick/weird/looking like your grandma/what ever comparison people make" me and it absolutely doesn't mean that am feeling superior or such.
Truly, socializing seems to be an obligation to me,but I somehow enjoy it.I rarely make the first moves.
However, when I have/ being obliged to (under various circumstances),I just have to.
Now,hope we're clear !

lundi 25 juillet 2011




I have made these ambergris based tiny flower and olive shaped earrings. They smell so good too ! I admit that it's a nice accomplishment so far. Well the thing is that I don't like earrings at all,but this is obviously an exception ( they smell so good,aww).
However, we (sist and I) keep receiving earrings,bracelets and rings as gifts, and it just happens that I don't like any of the further items. But I do like taking shots of colorful accessories and matching them with my so unwanted pink curtain ( my bad for letting others doing the curtain choice for me).Moan moan moan,that's all am good at so far too. 

 Aw,this is my necklace.I needed to capture it,it is so...ethereal. 


jeudi 21 juillet 2011


Watch this little hipster over here ! Am giving him some guitar lessons and after few minutes he said : " Am doing better than Paco De Lucia" (after seeing his videos).Oh well, I adore hanging out with little kids.They are ultimate work of art.
Hope everyone is doing well,dearies.

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

It seems that I keep having babies these days

In two days, I'll recieve my new camera.Oh yes, a camera ! A Sony alpha A290! After a long period of idleness and self-pity, I can finally capture/see light again.

I also consider getting back to modelling for different photographers besides myself as well. It's been a while that I haven't done that and I certainly miss the funny part of it ( need to change my mood from once in a while). So, dear photographers/friends to whom I talked about this, message me and please keep insisting cause I easily lose the spark of  "so wanting to do something that you finally drop it". 
Greetings everyone !

lundi 18 juillet 2011


This window have been open for quite a long time...Now,I really have no energy or will to full this page with random and useless words...
Hopfully, the next entry will be interesting.
 (which I really doubt it,visitors.Sorry)

dimanche 17 juillet 2011

finally found something to cheer me up

I've got these babies :

Am quite delighted to fully submerge myself in such epic musical atmosphere thanks to these headsets ; I can't hear my mother shouting,my brother fighting,no one speaking,just...music.
Hail Death metal headset !

samedi 16 juillet 2011

shit happens

I probably shouldn't be talking about this over here...It doesn't matter anyway.
I have suddenly remembered that, in the past couple of months,I had the chance to take a breast echography and they found something in my breast. I didn't took the test seriously as I was just having fun with my friends and I've lost the diagnosis paper.I totally forgot about it. But today,as I was hearing from my relatives that one of my cousins is suffering from breast cancer,that rung a bell.Well that's interesting because breast cancer 's causes are partially hereditary.So,yes it is creepy.Just the fact of thinking about it is beyond unbearable for a very coward someone like me.Good thing is nothing is confirmed for sure,so it just might be a mild little cyst,might never know until next tests that am so scared to take. Aghh!

who is gonna run Ashrare after me ? :(

lundi 11 juillet 2011

am lost all the way long, David Lynch

 Self distraction is such a hard task.I drew and kissed my drawings, read witchcraft books, changed clothes, scared my self,styled my hair a 1000²² time,slept and went out under this blazing sun,put on different lipstick colors...But it's in vain,I can't take off some specific stagnant thoughts from my head...So,I surrender to idleness and to mental chaos (also known as restless thoughtful mind syndrome).

Tuning to :                                    Cult Of Luna- Back To Chapel Town 

 descending to this :                    Explosions in the Sky -Your hand in mine

and then to this( listening to it the whole day) :

                                                       The Sisters of Mercy- This corrosion 

and finally uprising :
                                                             Ayreon- Isis and Osiris 


dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Sounds and fury

Valerie Geffner : a singer,actor, creator,writer and also " a chameleon that can channel many talents"
She says: " the word I, stands for an instrument" 

Beatrix Ost: author, painter, creator, designer. "Nothing that she owns or does is meaningless" 
She says : " Everybody is beautiful" 

Virginie Sommet: writer and curator. She says : "[I love to] create, create, create… create a piece, create a book, create an installation, create an exhibition, create a song, create a video, create a photograph, create an event, create doubts, create chaos in a prejudiced or racist brain."

Virginie wearing a piece of a computer as a ring 

She also says: As women, we were the very first slaves in humanity, and until the beginning of the twentieth century, we didn't have the right to work. So the only possibility for women to survive on this planet was either marriage or prostitution... Marriage is a business, it's diamonds, catering and wedding magazines - there are fifty six!"

How surprisingly overwhelming to finally obtain an unreal image of your inner thoughts after infinite self projection on reflective wooden walls.
You smile,get cheered up for a few moments and then fall from invisible metallic stairs just after reading the following lines : 

"I'm personally acquainted with one contemporary painter (and professor) who has occassionally even the backgrounds of his paintings done by his students. He just composes the picture, oversees the choice in coloring and does the final touch-up." - Anonymous on Deviantart replying to my comment

In my comment,I have mentioned that I'd rather see a photographer doing most of the work by himself (including make-up/hair/styling/etc..).For instance, a painter "cannot" have someone to mix up the colors or draw the basic lines for him because these simple acts take a huge part of the whole artistic process (unless it's a group work,then we're good).
But reading that some painters actually do such things,that's surprising. I can outlook the fact that he is an art professor so he's just probably trying to initiate his students...
However,I cannot imagine a painter,sitting in front of his canvas,having people around helping him creating something. It sounds pretty much against the non-existent laws of art. That would be pure hypocrisy but tainted with colors.A painter draw his entire self on that white canvas.Every time he drop the brushes, he feels the overwhelming satisfaction and welfare rushing in his veins with an incredible speed that he instantly get voracious and shout : It's not done yet,something is missing. 

Oh dear,missing things are infinite on canvas. 


mardi 5 juillet 2011


I can spontaneously fall in love with an old man who gathers his library books in a  black plastic bag that he carries tenderly. 

dimanche 3 juillet 2011

Just updating

I really wish I had a camera,right now. I have a lot of things to photograph,to showcase,to share...The feeling of trying to do something,but your hands are tied is quite awful.
Am working,these days, on making some hand-made clutches,such as these (these are not mine,but am just showing how mine will approximately look like.Of course am using different conceptions based on my own taste and designs)

That's why am in desperate need of a camera,so I can take shots of my miserable crafts...agh,what so ever !

" Where are we in your self-destruction mission? "
Well, nothing harmful happened these days, my knee have finally recovered,am walking again. A part from that,no plans,no visions,no motivation...totally empty.Hopefully,there are small things in life that might turn your day from a disastrous one into a heavenly splendid one, such as these songs (thanks S.B) :

and any Oxford picture can delight me...

Photos: Tumblr.com 


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