samedi 20 décembre 2014

What makes you a human being?

Hello lovely ghosts of Ashrare,

One of my dearest friends was driving me home and mentioned my blog. I figured I can sacrifice an hour of sleep and put something up.It brightens my day when people say that they enjoy reading my non-sense phrases.Anyhow, life is chaotic at the moment as I cannot multi-task efficiently these past few days weeks. From uni to different projects, I sometimes tend to do nothing at all than doing several things a day. This is why my days are so unproductive and that's the least I can say about it. Not proud of Nedra these days.

Humans and what makes them tick... That's what pushed me to share with you people this lovely story. So last spring semester, I took a photography class. Our final project was quite open so I decided to go for something different, something that can be tangible, genuine, that can leave a remarkable impact on people, in a way that goes deep within your core and through your spine, giving you endless chills and goosebumps. Yes!
So I took my camera and my notebook, wandered around campus; randomly stopping people and asking them: " Do you mind if I ask you a question and take your picture?" and then I go" what makes you a human being? What makes you alive rather than just existent?".

And that's from where everything started...

Nathan: '' I believe god created us and I don’t think it’s a random 

chance. The act of being is actively pursuing glorifying God." 

Zakery: " Intent. Discovery."

Ghada:" Books." 

Hamza:" My family." 

Justin:" Glory, God and Gold. And the Virginia Company"

Lucas:" I am a human being because I have the ability and the

 instinctual desire to interact and create in order to achieve


Sydney:" My love for natural human movement and form that I 

express through my love for dance" 

Fatma:" Becoming a wedding planner"

Meghan:" Emotions?"

Tyler:" Symbolic thinking, I feel, is so ingrained in our basic 

navigation of reality that if we could not make ourselves into this 

dualistic being that exists both within and without itself, then we 

would not know how to make even the most basic decisions or 

formulate the most fundamental ideas." 

Aaron:" Susceptibility to the emotion spectrum and its effects

 reminds one that there is more to merely existing. There is also 

that feeling of being alive. Electric." 

Sixtine:"Achieving happiness"

Mathieu:" The ability to love, care and to be happy"

Ariel:" Happiness"

Alana:" knowing that there are things worth living for, my family,

 friends, love, experiences--and that's what makes us human, we 

can move beyond only thinking about survival, we can think about 

actually living a life"

Austin:" I am a human being because of my choice to formulate my

 own destiny. The successes, the triumphs, the tribulations, and the 

everyday norm of my life is what makes me human. I believe I was 

born to lead many, but only to follow one" 

Corey:" Consciousness. But what makes me alive? I didn't get to choose…" 

No one did...

Have a good night folks!

Talk soon!

dimanche 30 novembre 2014

Night at the museum

Hello lovely ghosts of Ashrare,

I do finally admit that I suck at blogging lately. I have a lot of images to upload and retouch, but I've only went through one fourth of those.Two weeks ago,  I was quite busy with my mid-terms but now I have no valid excuse.
I have an up-coming blog post about my trip to Germany, It will be live very soon.Actually, I did take lots of nice pictures in Berlin, Hamburg and Bad Bevensen and am so excited to share those with you.
However, am just gonna start with a smaller portion of images. So last Friday, I got the chance to attend the opening of a very important exhibition at Bardo National Museum (which just around the corner of my house). A tribute was paid to three fabulous German (oh so this is a German-esque kinda post) painters by celebrating the centennial of their last inspirational trip to Tunis. In 1914, Paul Klee, Louis Moilliet and Auguste Macke decided to fly across the Mediterranean, wander Tunisia and paint it the way they felt it. The colors of most of the paintings were quite vibrant, ranging from bright red to light pink with many shades of blues and yellows.
It was such a spectacular exhibition. And to top it all of, I was actually quite surprised (and extremely happy) that the renovation of Bardo National Museum was quite successful.
I do have more photos on my phone but I'll post those on Instagram @ashrare.

Did I also mention that I got the chance to interview the Tunisian Minister of Culture and so many VIPs thanks to the Zoopolis.Tv team that I stumbled upon that night. It was such an honor to hear some delightful statements from someone who fully encourages Fine Art and hopes for its future evolution in our country.
Anyway, I will catch up with you peeps later on, with another new submission, photos and music...

Take care!

vendredi 3 octobre 2014

September blues

Happy Fall to all of my dear readers!
It goes without saying that autumn is my favorite season among all. I know that it's already October but September is the perfect description of the fall season.
Enough rambling about fall, leaves, vanilla Chai and comfy sweaters...I wanted to include some of my photographs in this post since I have not done so in ages. These were taken pretty much everywhere; Tunis, NYC, Austin TX, Laramie WY. I do admit that procrastination killed me and none of the photo-shoots I planned were done. Besides, I had a terrible past few weeks; swapping from an extreme euphoric state of mind to a bitter melancholic one within hours. It's called bipolar disorder. I may be diagnosed with that actually. I have no doubt that I am a very mentally unstable person so that does not surprise me.
Anyway, I hope I will get back to this blog with a new post, fresh photos and favorites to share.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this Chloe Spring Summer 2015 collection is simply the incarnation of PERFECTION, isn't?

mercredi 3 septembre 2014

Monthly favorites - September

Hello hello,

as I mentioned in my previous post, I will share with you dear readers the things I have been enjoying/liking and that ranges from fashion, art, decor, architecture, music, food, to random things as well.

First addition to my daily rituals: a splendid exquisite cup of coffee at the very beginning of the evening. Whether be it a Turkish coffee that smells like wonder or a french cafetière coffee that I freezes for a while and add cinnamon to finish it off. An amazing way to freshen up and feel a bit awake before heading out or doing what you're doing.

Perfectly said! This subtle transition between summer and fall beats magic in every existing way possible. I do feel it on every inch of my rusty bones ; the cool breeze and the warm sunlight, the cloudy melancholic sky, the dancing trees and the bright yellowish greenery of the grass, the smell of coffee in the early morning and that sudden caffeine rush that raises up your motivation and get you all ready for a new fresh day ahead. 

Music wise, what kept me going throughout the days are the following tracks. It varies from Deep House, Nu Disco, Indie Rock, UK Garage, and mostly Drum'n Bass. One of my favorite Drum'n Bass music these days are Wilkinson. Especially this track Wilkinson- Afterglow. Followed up by this progressive rock track to cool it down Anilah- Warrior. Of course, I cannot spend a day without some Alt-J tunes, I believe that his voice does something to me...something far surreal to be taken seriously. 

It's back to school season, which also mean, new clothes! And the picture down below will perfectly describe my tendencies this season; effortlessly stunning. 

As a Pinterest junkie, you cannot escape from making a DIY board and pinning great ideas and inspiring crafts all day long. Therefore, I have been wanting to change my room decor for so long, and seeing these great ideas have finally convinced me to do so. We'll see where that is going to take us, decor wise.

I believe these are the most important things that I have fell in love with lately. I will share with you guys more in the near future.
Hope all is well.


A January-May overview- Lake Havasu, AZ

Hello Loves,

It is officially back to school season! Excited, anyone? That's what I thought. I am personally not that eager to go back to my daily college life; lectures, lab work, coffees with friends in between, late afternoon outdoor hanging out, hustle and bustle of the city life and what goes with it from ground transportation until the beautiful sunset that I foresee whenever I get to my house. Topping all of that with a blissful cig-tea time on my rooftop to end the busy day. It actually seems quite interesting when I describe it this way, however, I think I do have September blues these days ; not feeling like doing anything at all.

Even though, my to-do-lists are growing longer and I didn't start to tick the tasks yet. As always, I will pull my rubbish together and enjoy my favorite the month the way I have always done it : plenty of photo-shoots and location scouting, beach picnic, new room decor and wardrobe organization, cutting my hair and starting a new eating diet.

A small flashback to these glorious days in Havasu. It was epic!

I am also taking this opportunity to not only show some of my past Spring break pictures in Lake Havasu Arizona, but also to share my favorite music of the month. I will include in another whole post my favorites things/wish-list/top-finds/clothing items/art/music/anything that I fell in love with lately.

So stay tuned!


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