lundi 27 juin 2011








I don't feel like I want to talk or to write,so there is...a bunch of lovely curves explaining the choice of the music!
Enjoy ! 

mardi 21 juin 2011

Sometimes,I can't believe myself

                                                               Niveau Zero- Live mix 

This have just made my day, as I have already encoutered several problems since the first second of my disturbed awake. These are some heavy dubstep tunes that are mainly influenced by Metal.Obviously because the guy behind Niveau Zero is a bass player (or at least used to be) and also, a harsh-vibes adorer. You can notice some metal riffs, noisy but delicious drum playing in most of his work. What may sound more interesting is that he is gonna give a gig in Tunis next Sunday (Oh boy, I can't wait to hear this dope out loud)

Moving on...

Have you ever considered the fact that you might wake up one day and you will not be able to...walk? Feeling as if some kind of steel or hard metal was implanted in your legs that you can't make any further move  ? Yeah,I have been there..."Made in China" legs? Probably.

Moving on...

Started feeling a quite huge distance between the me who is thinking and the me who is acting...
Started to believe that my body is just an interface.
Started to consider body exchange (if possible and permitted)
Started to hear specific words...probably words I don't want to hear.
Started to be absolutely found of my...nails
 Ended concluding that I desperately need to live in some place where all human feelings are...illegal (ring a bell? google Equilibrium)

Moving on...

Art features of the day :


Gehard Demetz Sculpture

Architecture & design : 

Pierre Stephane Dumas 


Giuseppe Petralia 


Christian Louboutin 

Oh fuck,am deteriorating. Am actually becoming a very good cooker these days too. I probably shouldn't be activating all of my keyboard's keys. . .

jeudi 16 juin 2011


2009 photographs found in my archives.
Am losing it...extremely stressed and nervous as I am waiting for my exams' results. Trying to keep myself busy until "deliverance". But,am really not that good at waiting...damn it!

dimanche 12 juin 2011

Time to mix up

Wearable art ?
Definetely ! 

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Cipele 
Scarf: Alexander McQueen
for the rest,I can't find the brands.

samedi 11 juin 2011

still in 11.06.11

Tic-tac,time is ticking, future is threatened, housework is calling,morning movie has rocked me...s'all good!


Never under estimate yourself, your strength lies in your obvious weakness.
Never under estimate yourself,because you can't imagine how powerful you become when you actually need (not want) to be.
I personally surprise myself with my variable facets, from weak and powerless to strong and challenging. You can be whoever you wanna be,whenever you need to be.
I support myself when I need to be strong, I comfort myself when I feel so down. I share everything with myself, I don't feel that am living alone in this life,even when am realistically by my own.
Never under estimate yourself, cause sometimes,you may find no one to stand for you,protect you,but yourself.
Never under estimate,your potential,your aesthetics and intelligence.
You might walk and wander around;breathing,seeing,tasting, lucky can you,living people, be in times where illness and disease,injustice and oppression, destruction and damage are invading the world in a quite noticeable velocity ?
Never get ashamed of showing how you feel,how much you are scared,how much you can stand in a world where no one would think for the "greater good".
I woke up wondering,how much am I gonna last ? Moreover,how much will I discover,see,recognize and acknowledge ?  How much am I gonna learn from all of this ?

People dies every second...stars too.

jeudi 9 juin 2011

New post ! finally !

I have been intentionally counting the number of words that came out of my mouth during these past few days :
Statistics : average of 10 separate words (including basic words yes,no,of course,why not,etc...) and a couple of non-sense phrases which are : "Yes,it was okay!"
or "No,I don't want to". I sometimes wonder,do I work with lithium batteries ? Otherwise,I should get myself enough power and start talking properly with people.

However, training in a quality control department for medicines, in a physics-chemistry lab,under the supervision of young Technicians, who are practically laboring not working peacefully is a very one-of-a kind experience to undergo. I have sworn to myself : no for pharmacology, no for becoming a technician, and no for working in such circumstances. Their work mainly consist in following very specified already set procedure of  quality control methods.It is so repetitive,mechanical, tiring and at a certain point,you'll scream "that's it". I can't imagine myself doing the same thing,every day.But it's actually good to apply methods that you've been learning the whole year, on real medicines (that's the fun part + the diverse scale of colorants)

Let's move to : music !
Juno Reactor is my current "coups de coeur". I can't say,describe their music enough. You can get an ipod with Juno Reactor 's music and go live in an isolated island. Believe me,you'll feel as if it was Paradise.
Their music is instrumentally rich enough,quite various and extremely...orgasmic (at least,for me.Conquistador I and II makes me very delighted)

so :                                          Juno Reactor- Conquistador I 
instantly followed by :
                                              Juno Reactor- Conquistador II 

The whole Labyrinth album is a pure Ecstasy. Probably War dogs,God is God and Angels and men are my favorites.
I might stop at War dogs for a bit...
this song is astonishing by its diversity : at first you might think that it's pretty much an orphaned land intro, and then, you might expect some industrial and electronic touches. Outraged by the images(video),a wave of charming flamenco arpeggio ,tribal yet refined singing,some oriental touches hits suddenly... at a certain point, the sound goes down for a bit,and then rises all in once.
I miss reviewing musical albums so passionately.

greetings dearies

P.S. I still wanna camp,you know! 

mercredi 1 juin 2011

about fashion bloggers/ out loud

Am basically thinking out loud,but before doing it :

I will first of all talk about fashion bloggers and what may push me to unfollow most of the blogs lately. I mean if fashion/blogging about fashion ,according to some of you ladies, is about :

- begging people to follow your updates,outfits and all the crappy crap that we might find in your blog (oh I hate the word "follow",it has such a bad connotation).How can this be even possible,let's say rational? Craving for attention,and begging for it. Oh man !

- Okay,I mean it is sort of "cool" to see everyone's daily outfit from all over the world,to get to know their personalities,mood and even more through some worth-reading posts.One thing that I might just describe it as lousy and irrelevant is the clothe's brand labeling.It is true that people would love to know from where you've got that skirt or that dress,but I despise indirect advertising (anyway...)

- Something else...If you're just a "stick to the latest trend"-babe,and wearing "clothes" (not any kind of clothes though) would mean nothing to you but putting something beautiful to look hot,then am sorry but I just have to unfollow. You have no story to tell,nothing interesting or impressive to share,just shallow lines and superficial yet fake identities...* shooting myself*

Thus,  you people are free to do what ever you wanna do as long as you're alive. Am the one who is gonna dismiss myself from your spot.

 moving on...

One of my major source of disturbance lately is my brain. When I sleep,I keep hearing voices : familiar ones,non-familiar one,odd ones,etc... It seems that it's impossible to fucking shut them up all. I get this parasites until I finally fall asleep,after an inner fight with my own capacities (WTH)

I hope am not the only one who is hearing such things frequently.

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