dimanche 28 juin 2015

She calls me June

Hello lovely ghosts of Ash',

I hope all is well despite the terror storm we've been subject to lately. Things might not get better today or tomorrow, but they will...eventually.
I have new recent photos I've been working on lately.

Sidi  Bou Said is one of the few places that I enjoy browsing, taking excessive picture of, discovering every corner of it every-time I go there. Its beauty is limitless. Or maybe the combination of blue, white and sunset hues is what gets me the most. Is it the Tunisian version of the Greek Santorini? There are definitely some similarities but Sidi Bou Said is priceless and unique.

 And then I was just looking through some old photos, and stumbled upon pictures I took in Germany. These four in particular have caught my attention: similarities, shadows, texture, roughness, edges, angles and geometry. That's what I saw. I would say it's a work in progress, am not over it yet. In fact, it's been quite hard for me to be productive lately. I would blame the heat and mainly no one else than yours truly. Productivity, summer, and my humble self are not much of a good combo to be honest, especially if you're fasting for 30 days and all you think about is an ice caramel and cinnamon coffee. However, what is keeping me optimistic is the fact that June is almost over and we still have two months of summer break. That's a relieve for people who want to catch up on the fun...and work.
Despite my constant low energy level, am trying to get some new stuff up, new projects, etc...
Now am off to my fortress of a bed. A small update is better than no update at all right?
You can always find me stalking people on Instagram @ashrare and Twitter @nedrajouini
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