dimanche 2 octobre 2011

First time

Today, I opened my mail box and I noticed that I've received a sort of a newsletter in which I've found this "relevant" video of Agyness Deyn, talking about her first heartbreak in a couple of minutes.It was actually featured in Dr.Martens' website and I, afterward, stumbled upon this interesting list of First times in almost everything...

"It's like mourning, isn't it, as if someone has died, because you're so invested in something, that part of yourself is dying, it's gut wrenching"

Agyness is so alive, and what she've just said is so true.
So, let's start :

- First pair of DM : last year, reddish/pinky ones.
- First Album: Crematory- Act Seven
- First Big night : 2007, in Paris
- First Date: hmm...let me remember the year, I guess 2006
-First Drink : Once at a  wedding, but I don't drink.
- First Festival: 2008, 2nd edition of  Mediterranean Guitar Fest.
- First fight: this is funny.I guess it was with my brother for sure.
- First Gig : don't really remember when
-First Heartbreak: well, I haven't been heartbroken...yet
- First House party : June 2009. It was hilarious.
-First partner in crime : my twin friends
- First piercing: 2nd one in my ears
- First rave: nah
- First rebellion: oh, definitely during high school,against some sick professors.
- First road trip : did a lot of road trips when I was a kid
- First summer escape: not yet, kidnap me,  people !
- First tattoo: none
- First trip: can't recall.
- First time : hah...

I would love to read your first list too !
link me when you're done, people !

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