vendredi 14 octobre 2011


Invading a period of time where all seems to be meaningless and useless.Starting from my hyper procrastinator ego.
Scientifically speaking (the only relevant explanation I can share), you put a bottle of water for two hours and a half in the refrigerator. Take it out after that, quite carefully, and try to "disturb the equilibrium" of the molecules by any kind of shock (hit the bottle on a solid ground, add some impurities, just anything categorized as perturbable), the liquid water will instantly turn into ice (and that's a quite beautiful physical change to witness) !
Am exactly like the water (what a comparison), I tend to turn into someone who gets utterly vulnerable, indifferent and unrecognizable.I usually don't mind such sudden changes as long as it doesn't affect anyone else outside my the circle.Besides, am sort of used to that. But from the moment when it begins to attain in any way, the others,taking control is needed.Now thinking about it, my lab mate needs an excuse !
Anyway, just a sec :

I have been listening to a quite random playlist, and I played this.I haven't been a huge fan of Gorillaz,all I remember is their Feel Good Inc . But this title is somehow captivating.It's different ; new sonorities, female vocals, slight atmospheric touches...Me gusta, simply.

 I haven't been seriously starting to work.But in the next few weeks, I will. I needed to sort out my projects and put in plain words my thoughts.So, I do consider :

- making a Helmut Newton inspired photo-album. 
- doing more self-portraiture (even though, I would definitely need some assistance) 
- A Into the wild tribute photo-shoot.
- Planking photos (just for fun, everyone is planking, right?) 

last pictures taken : (Oh sweet Mariem, you're in Ashrare (:  happy birthday)

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