dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Oh my Goth

Good morning cupcakes,
as you can see, it's almost 8am.And am already awake, making an entry, sipping coffee and learning more about politic rights.However, I have suddenly revisited a thought that I kept rotating and expanding in my mind.

" Goth is not dead, right? "

A lot of evidence prove the total opposite of that. I can't seem to find any "true" meaning/sense in any of the modern (let's say recent, no hyperbole) cliché about the whole subculture. 
Many fashion critics, articles and designers are illustrating , in pages, lines or cloths,  a huge part of the gothic scene.Minds behind this are mainly influenced by the aesthetic part that might hunt them indirectly, on a daily basis, or  it's just an idea that had the urge to be created ASAP. From one hand, Black patterns are a must in fashion industry; whoever calls him self a designer must have some laced/silky black pieces, doesn't he/she? 

From the other hand, is it just about colors, patterns, textures, and in a word : in aesthetic? 
Only your eyes and mind can tell...
Personally, a part of me stumble in an indescribable adorement state when I see Morticia Addams (the character) walking, talking or making any simple gestures. Can't deny that she is a piece of art in motion.

And speaking of art, these wonderful Australian Artists (yes they are twins) are one of my most favorite human beings ever. I've been following their blogs and I kept finding pure and true sense in what they write/create.Noticing that you can discern your own reflection in other people, even partially, makes me suspect the fact/saying : people are different. We are all, somehow and somewhat related. 

To end my general, vague non-sense and incoherent fairy tale, I would like to feature some of the gothic-influenced pieces of art that I've been collecting over the years (I may mention the source if I have it) : 

Photograph: Irina Ionesco 

Nelson Sepulveda (1985) 

Source: deviantart.com 

Aaand me  : 

Have a good day !

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