lundi 24 octobre 2011

dinner and the ship of dreams

 " Bois ton sort, recules d'un pas et dessines une croix " 

a cross...
it's everywhere...we draw it here and there.Sometimes we don't mean it, sometimes we use it to add, to check something, to distinguish the wrong from the right.I use it to erase what eventually seems to be useless, moreover, disturbing.
More than anything else, minds,thoughts and sayings of specific persons are things that I'll never get over, in other words, I will not tolerate another person's opinion while he doesn't even respect mine (sometimes it get worse, reaches insults and low behavior). And it's exactly there where I put a cross.An eye for an eye?
That doesn't work in such cases, because if you're unwillingly playing a game, you have to fully/extremely/violently explore the hell out of it. It's gonna be a drop dead intense game.
People, try to "stay alive"

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