jeudi 27 octobre 2011

4 times

I haven't introduced Sony to you there she is , a pretty cute girl that takes pretty cute girls in pictures.
Photos are so repetitive...Sorry if you'll be seeing the same version of myself 4 times.I miss self portraiture.Am not that able to take pictures of myself, by myself, unless am close enough to the camera, or someone is helping me out (pushing the button). A remote is needed.
Every time I make a blog entry, I forget what was I going to talk about once I start typing.
ah (after 5 minutes of eyes scrolling ) :
This soundtrack (from the movie "The Fog" ) :

Besides the call of prayer, I hype it. However, it could have been better though...
Remembering a movie I've seen long time ago... 

There is a link to see it online. Just wonderful, click and you won't ever ever regret watching it. 
something else that really made my day : 

Am not that drama queen...compared to this dude !! 

1 commentaire:

  1. mah god,that gif made me giggle for like,4 mn or so :D
    mabrouk!a remote is definitively needed in your case :)
    nchallah nraak bientot fel insat,la muse.Myriam Ghodbane is like,my soul sister,I think you might know her (or at least,I hope you do^^)
    good luck w a7ragha :)


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