dimanche 23 octobre 2011

23.10.11 قاعة 2

So, for the foreign visitors :
Today (and days ago,in all around the world),Tunisians have voted for a new constitutional assembly 
This might be considered as the first free, true, honest suffrage that happens in Tunisia since 1956.
The feeling is indescribable, especially when you end up shooting, playing with little kids, while other people are waiting in never-ending queues, in front of election rooms.
I hope things won't take another turn, let's just enjoy these unforgettable moments, wait for the results and keep calm.Maybe it's the first and the last time we vote, maybe things will get worse and maybe my pessimistic visions are totally wrong.Anyway, point is : proud of having a blue finger even though it's almost gone (try acetone ;))
Cheers people !

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