jeudi 20 octobre 2011


need explanation?
Fr : Il existe un A pour tout B tel que B n'appartient pas à A
Eng : There is an A for every B, but B doesn't belong to A

More explanations ( and thank you, Cédric, for showing this to me, it's so relevant in such circumstances) :
We, human kind, live in a world where all species are mashed up together, in pretty much all circumstances (e.g. you can take the elevator,greet your neighbors(human?), push your floor's number ( bacteria ? ), walk to your flat, perceive a cat (animal ?)  in the corridor, open the door (Bacteria?) and greet your wife (Human?)).
A perfect circle of (unwanted) meetings.
 Well this mathematical expression represents the part of humans who are not able to live an ever- lasting period of time with/near/among people, species and simply...others !
In some cases...I just wish I was B.
that's all I wanted to say.
Listen to this, it's wonderful !


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