mardi 9 août 2011

some int videos to watch

Let's start with this magnificent trilogy,made by an Australian film-maker (Rick Mereki).Three simple words; three damn good short-films.Each video is about a single word. Be delighted and don't forget to capture the right essence from these dazzling images in motion. (You got it all right,Rick)

aaaaand then, I was scrolling among Ted X videos from all over the world and my attention was mainly caught by the following one : (Ted X Oxbridge...oh Oxford,my love for you is infinite *just nevermind*) 

Well first of all,he has an incredible sense of humour,for a man of his age.Actually,Richard Seymour is a British well-known industrial designer (read more about him here) .Regardless of his succesful collaboration with internationally known brands such as Nokia,Casio,Tefal,and so on, he got some very serious and interesting point to spread.And you'd better hear it.Cause he got it all right,too. 

" compared to what we actually do and what we say we do,that hole there is the emergent behavior...and that's where the future is actually forming."

I especially loved the part when he started to compare a women's behavior to a man's when she was driving a car,with her friends.The woman drive and look at her friends.The man simply doesn't. Why? Richard Seymour answers this : "Because she can !! "
Oh yes,I so can ! To sum up,he started from the pilot's prayer and ended with optimistic futurists.There was a fine bond between every slide he showed,something that might awaken you and make you conscious enough to admit that the "concept of design has to be optimistic", and when he said design,he meant every small detail in a daily life (watch video for examples).

Something else have captured me : Social engineering (also partially known as صلبان in Tunisia) 
Where I live,it is a quite common method to get what you want, just to not to say it's furthermore a whole life style for some. That's where we get our authenticity from (from fraud, indirect hacking and tricks).We're good people though !

Anyway,I'll dedicate a whole full entry to describe the Tunisian lifestyle quite soon.It is to be studied in anthropology,because there are Americans, Europeans,Africans,Australians,Asians ,Eurasians, Antarcticans, and Tunisians
Cheers all of you !

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