mercredi 24 août 2011


After a huge period of idleness,I proudly announce that I'll be back on track (of photography) once again. During this long summer,I had the opportunity to practice,let's say experiment, my skills in needle work (sewing rags to make coherent clothes),in fine art as well (paintings,drawings,sculptures,some specific crafts too).I will be showing the results soon. Actually,my father have showed a lot of support,but he kept wondering : "What on earth have pushed you to major in industrial chemistry engineering?". I'll keep the answer to that,for my own. 

However,( I can't believe that I spent the whole night listening to The lion King songs,I have always wanted to look like Simba when I was a kidow), I wanted to share this Belarusian artist (Oleg Tchoubakov) 's art work.


more of his splendid work : 

A genuine continuity between the smooth clouds and the brown curly hair of the young lady on the bike,some Alice in Wonderland cliché are appearing on the first painting,which represent pretty much the most spectacular escape. Seeing such amount of fairy tales inspired artworks lead me to depict the artist's world, his fancies and fantasies,how much sugar does he/she put in their daily coffee, what is the first thing that comes to their mind once awake,etc... All of this to say that I truly appreciate the "Wonderlanders". 

Another artist have caught my attention,as we are having something in common,when it's about photography.
She is Brooke Shaden, a marvelous photographer from LA,California.
Her photographs are somehow reaching me deep inside,it talks,moves and crawls.It tells something.Not only something as a matter of fact,but...a lot. Check her work here

So,she is making gorgeous,fairy tales inspired self-portraiture...Like a big girl,she takes her cameras,outfits and everything she would need for a shoot,drive to the wood by herself and film the whole process of auto-portraiture. Here is a video of her behind the scenes sequences : 

I wouldn't actually deny the fact that seeing this have actually motivated me to keep on doing my self-portraiture work. Because I've almost bailed it out days ago,when I couldn't find a way to get an appropriate focus on myself when using the timer,and then running back in front of the camera,etc...So,I hopefully will start  self-portraiture again,soon.It is amusing,fun and totally unforgettable.Especially when you're trying to shoot outdoors. 

Anyway, enjoy your visit guys !
greetings !

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