mardi 30 août 2011

Just have a nice day.Pt I

It's Eid El Fitr,during which we celebrate the end of the holy month; Ramadan.
As for Ramadan...from where should I start?
Years ago, Ramadan used to be my favorite month. During it, nights were having a different glow,everything was shining from buildings to faithful faces.True values were deeply appreciated and considered as forgiveness, honesty, humbleness and generosity.However, I am afraid I can't discern that anymore. Too bad for this hyper-consumptive society, who continually seems to lose touch with reality.
So today,am basically celebrating my 30 days or so of lasting patience with a cup of coffee and a huge strawberry gum (perfect breakfast).  Wishing you a nice day all of you ! If you're visiting relatives and family,make sure you give enough money to the kids (as it's a cute tradition),because we want no hard feelings for today.

Am gonna feature some photos taken during Ramadan. Insignificant and moreover irrelevant,but that's not the point.Just enjoy the atmosphere (of the fried yoyo,haha)

Well I admit that am not enjoying my day so far,since am in the middle of a nine-page article translation (english to french). The article is my Leafblade's interview (oh yes,am interviewing again,but for a french webzine this time). Leafblade are simply...poetic. I've been quite afraid of badly translating Sean Jude (lead guitarist/vocalist) 's rare and authentic words. He is just incredible.He wasn't just answering my questions,he was mainly opening a quiet wide window into his ethereal world. I'll submit a link when the interview is online,and you'll definitely know what am talking about.

 As for the photographs I've just posted, there are some pastries and so many sweet things to devour.Also a self-portrait with pink roses ( well a nice little story lies behind these,as I've been given flowers for the first time of my life,thank you gentleman).For the rest, snapshots from almost everywhere,my friend Sonja,my siblings,etc...

have a nice day all !

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  1. yummyy ! I wannt it ! thanks for your comment dear:!

  2. Nice pictures!!! I like it!!!
    Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog :)



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