lundi 15 août 2011

How do I picture it?

Most probably this way :

When you're in such a hurry and going up stairs to get your non-stop ringing phone becomes such an impossible yet extraordinary experience...
Determined to climb no matter what,but your wet feet are being an obstacle,your dress is so tighter than your tights. What should you do ? C.R.A.W.L and ask from your conjoint to video tape it.

or like this?
I would be marrying Jack Sparrow and keeping an eye on Tunisian shores since the government is out-of-duty pretty much all the time.

Let's play some twisted games into this It-looks-like-Anaconda "thing" 

Oh yeah! And it's a shoe store (definitely a plus) 
Architect: Fabio Novembre 

Senseless and cold. So " Equilibrium" effect !

Armin Blasbichler's Inception door. 
Now,the question is: which door to the key? 

He/she had enough balls to do it.There,I said it !

Enough with my architecture obsession already. Not being able to sleep does not mean it's okay to steal people's photos without even crediting them,Nedra
 (well actually not my bad,nothing is mentioned,no name no link)
Leaving you with this : 


3 commentaires:

  1. The fifth picture is the one that suits my style the most...though it lacks of warmth and well..of life! but using the concrete in its raw state gives as a great range of ambiences using the natural light. You should check Tadao Ando's work, i think you'll like it :)

  2. omg these photos are so trippy! love them!

  3. Amazing architectural marvels :) I love the Alice in wonderland interconnecting doors.


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