lundi 8 août 2011

Expect a supernova soon

closer shots :

It's quite simple people and it's such entertaining tee customization process.
So, follow my clear few steps and you'll get your galaxy shirt done (I've learnt how to make it on Tumblr):

- Take a black cotton t-shirt that you'll turn into a hell of a piece (mine is having small green prints of a cat and a mouse)
- Take a gluing tape and try to make some stripes if you want to have the same result as mine.
- Put some bleach and water in a spray bottle then spread it all over the shirt (both sides)
-Watch it dry (that part is mesmerizing)
- Take some white paint,spray it all over too.Help yourself out and customize it the way you want (I took some blue paint and blue glitter, for example).
- Let it dry and then wash it happily.
And that's all folks, show me yours if done !
For those who want me to make galaxy t-shirts for them, all you need to do is ask.I'll do it gladly,I have so much spare time these days and for zero cost too ( generous bosom? not always)
Am now gonna undress myself, wear my-shirt on and imagine that am unleashing a black hole from my womb.Sounds edgy,I know.
Am out of here.Heat is unbearable.
greetings all of ya

6 commentaires:

  1. OMG !! Guess what ?? We made the same tee yesterday . How come ?? We have a brain connection or what ?? We were planing to post it tomorrow :D

    Afaf & Marwa

  2. nice rendition on the galaxy trend! love it!!!

  3. Pretty interesting! IO have a frined who does the same and I wonder me with his creations! It is so good wearing clothes that we did you customize!


  4. I love galaxy print! This is really creative.

  5. This is so amazing!! I wanna do one soon! :) Thanks for the great inspiration!


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