samedi 3 décembre 2011

Sit-In? Not anymore

What's this ? 
a sit-in in front of the constitutional assembly,in Bardo, Tunis, Tunisia.
What's going on ? 
hmm...let's see ! The protesters are split into two different and antagonist groups : some so-famously called Islamists, narrow-minded kids/people/humans and the rest are...Tunisian Muslim citizens (the majority).

What's the purpose ? 
Social/political issues need to take an obvious pathway, and since there are no common approbation on some very basic rules in life,most of the conscious minds are refusing to sit and stair.They speak of their thoughts and scream out their rage against what seems to be destroying the national identity.

Taking a larger gaze on all of this makes me eventually utter that it's all about accepting or rejecting difference. We surely don't accept difference if it's gonna wreck our own country. But if a certain person decides to wear/say/make/do anything he/she wants, they are free to do so.That's called Freedom. And you people should know that it definitely has limits, boundaries. It's restricted when it starts to bother your surroundings.
Some can't bear that in their minds.

A women wearing a Niqab, a Burka, a what-the-fuck ever piece of cloth (short, long, luxurious,trendy,tight...) is completely and absolutely allowed to do so. She can put what ever she wants, even a trash bag. No one would interfere on that unless it's gonna create fake identity problems and so many related stuff.
However, religion requires a veil on the women's hair, some body parts must be decently covered,in a single word : a chaste women : Morally pure in thought or conduct. 

I really agree on what says the Charia'a. BUT now, here in Tunisia, everyone is making his own rules, doctrines.Everyone is changing those on the expense of his/her own needs/desire/wants. 
God haven't told you to put a black camping tent on your female body for crap's sake.Those are the sort of women that I purely disgust because they depend on the men in almost everything : they live according to their men's desire and their proper paradigm....

It shouldn't be that way...
Tunisian woman are the most beautiful creatures in the whole world, and I defend them proudly (am a feminist at this point, right)
Just open up that double locked mind and think correctly. Your mistakes are unforgivable, people ! 


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