lundi 12 décembre 2011


Owkay ! Time to reveal some truth !

Don't worry, no secrets or classified issues, just depicting the pathetic reality.
Today was a complete exception of my daily routine as I've reached a quite high level of misanthropy, hate and disgust. It was obvious on my face lines. This odd state occurs when I usually have disturbing nightmares and visions during the previous night. And  yesterday's was...horribly horrible ! Now I create my own freaking species of reptiles during my sick nightmares that are afterward ripping off my flesh and tearing my bowel apart.

I ended up looking for some signification of such damned animals appearing in dreams/nightmares.And I didn't like what I've read.
Point from all of this : Supreme ministry of sick dreams and disgusting nightmares, stop sending me these visions.Am a sleepaholic and I don't want to spend my nights with an increasing heartbeat rhythm. Also, side-effects aren't that welcome, people will almost hate me back because of this behavior. Fuck it !

Am re-considering going away next year...I need to go away !
Even there, near the red spot ! I'd rather die from hunger on the top of that mountain than staying and facing the same crap day after day.

And speaking of animals,I so want to get over my fear of cats/dogs/everything except bunnies and mice. Am such a chicken but a proud flies slayer in the same time.
greetings people !


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