mardi 20 décembre 2011


 Aeroplane Dope & Bad Chemistry - Dead dog 

" We would like to change the culture of science ", so do I : 

This very particular video, makes me want to make my own moisturizer cream at home...Wake-up science-aholic people ! Do something, contribute and start helping your nation with your inventions and collaborations all across the world, be good/useful and so on blabla² (and thank you Paul for sharing) 
Oh Hi ! I skipped that part in the beginning of the entry. I hope you are enjoying your freezing winter vacations (now I sound like Walmart's ads). Will hear from me soon enough.

Greetings !

2/4/6 are my photographs.The rest are a Trainspotting screenshot, Newton's original book, and a random Japanese Lantern photo.

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