samedi 24 décembre 2011

Orbiting the world

I love sharing some  inspiring stories about different people, from all accross the globe.
So this Jimmy Webb, a store manager, is the neo Iggy. He believes that style may be summed up in two bare words : Truth & Energy.

He says : "I used to be a drug addict, a typical case. Living homeless in the park, no socks. I have a crate of socks out there, now, in the other room. Full of socks, because I never want to be without socks. I like passing them on to people-- I believe socks represent love, because I remember when I didn't have a pair."

Next true story is Nelson Campbell's, a social director from California. He thinks that "There is an oppression that makes men afraid of being beautiful" and I do share him the same opinion

He wears different items from different countries and places so he can still feel the presence of that particular foreign culture around him, all the time.He wears the ancient history of multiple nations, proudly carries their essences wherever he goes. 

He says about Thailand : "The natural presence is dominant and strong. Such a beautiful place with such good hearts and a willingness to be positive and show love and respect. Life is about much more than money and the sating of worldly desires."

Another amazing story is about two fine art Students, meeting each other in very weird circumstances.
They are Kira Panfilova and Oliver Short.Two dreamers who are brave enough to ride the waves of their imagination.

Oliver says : "Kira was standing at the top of the escalator with a brown suitcase, leopard print jacket, and beautiful red hair. I walked up to her and said, 'I know it's kind of strange for me to come up to you, but I also know there is no way we would meet in a normal situation, so would you like to be my friend?'"  

Oliver says:  "Sometimes it is easier to draw or paint than to talk." 

Ending this entry with this marvelous sonority :

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