samedi 17 décembre 2011

Rasta baby

The play : " The End " 

Hi people, 
hope you're all doing great.I see some new visitors from India (ahoy guys ^_^)
Rasta baby...well that was my T-shirt, and it has such a beautiful rasta baby print.But when a girl pulls it off, she is the rasta babe, haha (am no rasta, man).
Anyway, we (all of those strange aliens in the pictures above and I) went to see a play that we've missed last year. Hopefully, we made it safely there (after a nice car race in the road,some troubles from police officers, and a nice drive home, barefoot) 
The play was mainly about Death, life, different lifestyles, marginalization, patriotism.... It was incredible.I couldn't manage to take some proper and descent photographs because my camera was already making too much noise, too bright light that I turned it off eventually. 
Tunis gets deserted at night.It enters into a dazzling nocturnal blossom that no one would genuinely feel unless it's a dream-catcher, a sleep-walker or a carpenter. 
That's all folks !
Stay tuned.

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