samedi 17 septembre 2011

Well fare

 Rare ashes with choclate flavor, who is in?
Just a random entry, nothing particular to mention besides of one thing : If you have any particular statement/acts/confessions to say/do/make...GO FOR IT !
That's what I ended up concluding because when you eventually decide to do so, it's gonna be way too late.
Anyway, glad to have good friends around.But not for so long...They seem to be flying away,one after another.And they end up going in different paths. It just happens...
Grateful that some of my dearies are here and they're not going anywhere,just yet. I do believe that good things won't last forever...It's like a pair of shoes, you saw it in the store, you plan to buy it tomorrow.You're back to the store the day it follows and surprise surprise: it's gone!Just like that,yeah...

Take care people !

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