vendredi 16 septembre 2011

Cocteau Twins

B&W self-features: 

Others' B&W features: 


First set of photographs : 
- the first three: my demoniac cousin. Long exposure,thank you for making him look like the omen.  

- next two : arabic poetry/ my fabulous arabic handwriting.
- The curve picture : that one is just...epic.What is the story behind it? You won't get it.

 Pr.Farid : "chbik tadh7ek?"
Chahra:  "nadh7ek 3al courbe..."
 - "Clivage"
-rest are a spider web, random and a headless picture of me.

As for the other featured photos, they are most of  my favorites B&W pics that I've been collecting on Tumblr.The first one is Milton.H.Greene's. Last one,I guess it's Helmut Newton's. I needed to update this blog even with a similar post because I admit that I've been quite idle in here.
Anyway,am going to (soon) start a 365 Days project.Am not going to illustrate my own visions,I decided to incorporate other person's. So,we'll see what's gonna happen.

Have a good day people !

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