dimanche 4 septembre 2011

A last peaceful Sunday mourning

Good morning, People !
how am I starting this Sunday ? Am trying to ID a bunch of unknown songs (dubstep) that I found on a random blog,whose owner is so arrogant to share good music with the whole world ! I still wonder,such people do really exist,hein? 
anyway,am holding my right arm with my left hand (skeletal muscle troubles) and I only have three fingers to type with,so this is not fun to do. I just wanted to share this :

The author of this intriguing book is Barbara Ann Kipfer. I wouldn't rush to the bookstore and quickly start reading through the pages,finding "things to be happy about".I would firstly look at the book cover ; what is it made of? Why is there a dot after the word "about" ? The word "happy" is honestly catchy. Who doesn't desperately seek "happiness"? Moving on in the book examination process.After holding the book in my hands,I would try to open it in the middle and hope that I stumble on a prime number as I scroll my eyes down to the right page. Afterword, I smell it. If it smells good,am buying.If not,I'll try to speculate the 14.000 things to be happy about all the way home.

tempting ! 

Daring !  

humanizing !

Enough book pictures already. I still have 356 page to finish today (I won't have the guts to do so,though).
What did I wanted to add before ending this post? 
Oh ! An important note to males : do not categorize a girl who firmly refuses to kiss you virtually or genuinely, a lesbian. Because she is not and she can proudly pronounce a "no".She might also tear your balls off as she preserves her precious kisses to special people ONLY !
Thank you !

Photos: http://bookmania.tumblr.com

1 commentaire:

  1. Nice feature again.
    And for the people you're talking 'bout in your comment by the end : bunch of douchebags.:D


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