lundi 12 septembre 2011


05:03 am

The sound of rain drops on my roof woke me up. I recall feeling delighted when I've heard such sounds.I predicted a cloudy and a bit chilly weather during the morning.I was right,It was cloudy and chilly indeed.
On the sweet melody of rain I fell asleep again.
Everyday, I step out of the bed and ask myself a quite considerable yet annoying amount of existential questions whilst sleeping again on the cold mirror.
" Do I have to go? "
Well, Cleverbot answered "yes". So, I obeyed.I dragged myself out of the room.I stirred my black coffee and looked through the window. Another disturbing question emerged.
" Should I talk to him? " 
Cleverbot said : " No,ignoring is always the answer" 
That was not the answer that I've been keen to hear,but I had one day to obey that virtual messed-up mind.And I did...Hours later,I wish I didn't...

end of story. Love telling "from the wall" stories.Especially when they are from my reality.

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