dimanche 11 septembre 2011

Matching anthropologie

Anything I see, sense or touch will always reminds me of "something". That "something" might be a song, a picture, a poem, a glass, a car, an eye, a smile,etc...
Since am legitimately related to every past second I've ever lived, I would share some from the cobweb that I've been mentally binding. Follow me :
Snow White and the seven Dwarves :  this reminds me of the hideous queen in Snow White.Quite sharp,hazardous and fearful. 
The perfect weather : favorite cloud shape/color ever.Dark is dominating the skies just above the horizons and exactly in front of you.Rotating your head 60° to the south, some eagerly lit and tender blue clouds are waiting for you as the storm is requesting their dismissal.You must recall; it's a farewell. 

" Lost in the valley without my horses... "

Blair Witch Project I (movie) : the woods,the river,the village...Enigma. 

All of the previous pictures are items are from anthropologie.com. Every single goodies is a work of art : from house furniture,to dishes,earrings,and dresses.You might wanna take a look, get inspired and...change your perception on anthropology. 
photo credits: anthropologie.com 

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