dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Sounds and fury

Valerie Geffner : a singer,actor, creator,writer and also " a chameleon that can channel many talents"
She says: " the word I, stands for an instrument" 

Beatrix Ost: author, painter, creator, designer. "Nothing that she owns or does is meaningless" 
She says : " Everybody is beautiful" 

Virginie Sommet: writer and curator. She says : "[I love to] create, create, create… create a piece, create a book, create an installation, create an exhibition, create a song, create a video, create a photograph, create an event, create doubts, create chaos in a prejudiced or racist brain."

Virginie wearing a piece of a computer as a ring 

She also says: As women, we were the very first slaves in humanity, and until the beginning of the twentieth century, we didn't have the right to work. So the only possibility for women to survive on this planet was either marriage or prostitution... Marriage is a business, it's diamonds, catering and wedding magazines - there are fifty six!"

How surprisingly overwhelming to finally obtain an unreal image of your inner thoughts after infinite self projection on reflective wooden walls.
You smile,get cheered up for a few moments and then fall from invisible metallic stairs just after reading the following lines : 

"I'm personally acquainted with one contemporary painter (and professor) who has occassionally even the backgrounds of his paintings done by his students. He just composes the picture, oversees the choice in coloring and does the final touch-up." - Anonymous on Deviantart replying to my comment

In my comment,I have mentioned that I'd rather see a photographer doing most of the work by himself (including make-up/hair/styling/etc..).For instance, a painter "cannot" have someone to mix up the colors or draw the basic lines for him because these simple acts take a huge part of the whole artistic process (unless it's a group work,then we're good).
But reading that some painters actually do such things,that's surprising. I can outlook the fact that he is an art professor so he's just probably trying to initiate his students...
However,I cannot imagine a painter,sitting in front of his canvas,having people around helping him creating something. It sounds pretty much against the non-existent laws of art. That would be pure hypocrisy but tainted with colors.A painter draw his entire self on that white canvas.Every time he drop the brushes, he feels the overwhelming satisfaction and welfare rushing in his veins with an incredible speed that he instantly get voracious and shout : It's not done yet,something is missing. 

Oh dear,missing things are infinite on canvas. 


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