samedi 16 juillet 2011

shit happens

I probably shouldn't be talking about this over here...It doesn't matter anyway.
I have suddenly remembered that, in the past couple of months,I had the chance to take a breast echography and they found something in my breast. I didn't took the test seriously as I was just having fun with my friends and I've lost the diagnosis paper.I totally forgot about it. But today,as I was hearing from my relatives that one of my cousins is suffering from breast cancer,that rung a bell.Well that's interesting because breast cancer 's causes are partially hereditary.So,yes it is creepy.Just the fact of thinking about it is beyond unbearable for a very coward someone like me.Good thing is nothing is confirmed for sure,so it just might be a mild little cyst,might never know until next tests that am so scared to take. Aghh!

who is gonna run Ashrare after me ? :(

3 commentaires:

  1. This is horrible!! I hope u will be fine! My grandma also had a breast cancer. :(

  2. i'm sorry...i hope you'll be fine

  3. We hope that everything is gonna be alright, and that the test' result will be positive ;)

    You'll be fine Inchaallahe !

    Afaf & Marwa


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